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Borinquen Gallo: A Heavenly Sanctuary at Wave Hill

Borinquen Gallo, an Italian artist based in New York, stuns with a new installation at Wave Hill. Her work spans throughout the entire room inside the garden's Glyndor Gallery and it is the first installation of the Sunroom Project Space series.

Borinquen Gallo, Sunroom Project Space, (2017), "CAUTION" tapes and plastic

Tucked away in the corner of the gallery, Gallo covers the room with caution tapes and plastic bags to mimic a beehive. The aforementioned tape takes in multiple silhouettes whether it be drops of honey or a basket for the house plants. Yellow plastic bags are folded into the shape of a honeycomb. A black debris net is used as backdrop to weave the materials. While the room has a view of the garden, natural sunlight penetrates the space.

Door frames and plants fill the space to take you into an alternate universe

Opposite the windows, the main wall is covered with the same decor. However, there are no hanging plants. Instead, the scene parallels itself to bees inside a honeycomb. The dramatic and colorful flair of Gallo's mastery with using plastic materials demonstrates a beauty that has never been felt with synthetic products.

Close-ups of the details in Gallo's Be(e) Sanctuary

While the entire installation is pleasing to the eyes, there is a hidden message. Although anything synthetic (including plastic) is harmful to the environment, Gallo's installation calls for us to be more responsible for taking care of Mother Earth by recycling and reducing waste. Moreover, performing this act is not an individual deed. The purpose of the space is to encourage the movement of recycling to be supported by a community in order to facilitate the changes for an environmentally-conscious society.

Although Wave Hill is a long train (or car) ride, it is worth the journey to see it.

Borinquen Gallo's "Be(e) Sanctuary",

Sunspace Room

Sunroom Project Space, Glyndor Gallery of Wave Hill, Bronx, New York (2017)

Wave Hill, 649 W 249th Street Bronx - NY 10471

Saturday, April 8 - Sunday, May 21

You can meet the artist on May 6, 2017 at 2 p.m - Other programs include the Family Art Project: Earth Day for Protecting Pollinators on April 22 and 23 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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