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Excellence in NY-Asya Rotella

Curator Asya Rotella

With over 180 cultural institutions in New York and over 200 galleries clustered just between West 18th and West 28th Streets in Chelsea, the options for curators to exhibit are limitlessly undefined. This is not including open rooftops, friend’s apartments, underpasses and and the multitude of spaces, physical and virtual, that can host an exhibition. And yet it is your network that ultimately curates itself.

Curator Asya Rotella

Asya Rotella, an Italian curator, has brought European artists with her to NY to curate City Bites I, II, and III. This three part exhibition serves as the inaugural shows to the new Alessandro Berni Gallery at Italian Green Design in Chelsea. Asya is the daughter of Mimmo Rotella, a post war artist best known for his decollage works. Considering his focus on the interrupted social scene as a result or urbanization within a post war climate, it is possible to thread this narrative through Asya’s City Bites curations.

Each version of City Bites pulls from artists, past and present based in New York and internationally, responding to their own, at times chaotic, urban environment. The works range from abstract to sculptural to the manipulated icon. Asya managed to combine different concepts and styles in a smooth ensemble.

The first iteration opened on April 26th and the last version will be shown until August 22nd. The new Alessandro Berni Gallery is an intimate setting with brick and wood paneled walls, seating nooks and plenty of natural lighting, specifically designed. Therefore it is understandable how such an exhibit could be broken into three segments. There is a necessity to not overcrowd the space, granted the city does not always the warrant the same personal space.

Maurizio Cattelan, L.O.V.E CEMENT SCULPTURE, 2014

Likewise works from City Bites I reappear in later versions giving breadth to multiple narratives and providing a new reconsidered perspective.

Gilbert Salinas' Tropical Erosion 56 and 47 and Maurizio Cattelan's L.O.V.E. are given new meaning alongside differing compliments. Salina's work was previously featured next to Two Small Vertical Motifs of David Hayes and the pairing remained abstract whereas next to 4 Ninphas made by Stefania Pennacchio, there is space to consider both as their own and then together: Two Small Vertical Motifs as fore figures against a wavering cityscape.

City Bites, Installation view, Courtesy Alessandro Berni Gallery

The L.O.V.E CEMENT sculpture previously shown isolated in the center of the room then flicks off a Jo Fabbri, golden monochrome flag who has its compliment in a black piece near the room’s entrance. There is an amplification of expression and materials not represented before.

If the show City Bites II can be considered the more kissable of first, with City Bites III, Asya Rotella has been able to bring new urban energy with the vibrant installation of Mary Mattingly put together with a cuttingedge installation titled Made in China by Yang Mai.

Mary Mattingly, Pardon My Dust

Yang Mai, Made in China

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