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The Museum of Vagina is coming

The Museum of Vagina is the brain child of Florence Schechter a YouTuber who makes videos about animal vaginas and animal penises. Her mission is not just down to a desire to wonder around a museum pointing out vulva. She wants to break down the silence around vaginas – and change the world in the process. Florence’s dream for the museum includes three main galleries: science, culture, and history.In the science section, the museum would explore the key parts of the vagina (vulva, clitoris, uterus, etc), processes the vagina goes through (conception, orgasm, menstruation, menopause), disorders and diseases, ‘your vagina and you’ (which will cover sexuality, consent, gender identity, and contraception), and, finally, animals.

‘Vaginas are amazing,’ Florence told ‘There is such a wonderful variety out there and diversity is what makes this world beautiful.

The Museum hasn't opened its door, yet. For more info:

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