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Banksy is back in the city

Two Banksy anti-capitalist murals just appeared in Brooklyn.

One of the stenciled artworks depicts a suited man in a construction hat cracking a whip over a group of running children and adults. The whip mimics a line graph, like the ones used in business presentations.

The second mural, on an outer wall of a closed gas station nearby, shows a black seal balancing an orange ball on its nose. Neighbors say the circle was not actually drawn by Banksy: It used to be the Mobil gas logo according to the

The first NY murales of this year, appeared on March 16 in che city (The corner of Houston Street and the Bowery), and it's about protesting the imprisonment of Turkish artist Zehra Dogan. According to and human rights advocacy group PEN International, Dogan was convicted in March 2017 of "propagandizing for a terrorist organization." It says Dogan argued at her trial that painting a real-life event based upon a photo taken and disseminated by the Turkish military was part of her work as a journalist.Banksy's 70-foot-long mural consists of black tally marks representing Dogan's days in a Turkish prison. Dogan is shown jailed behind one set of marks, grasping one that's transformed into a large pencil. A lower corner of the mural bears the slogan "Free Zehra Dogan."

“I really feel for her. I’ve painted things much more worthy of a custodial sentence,” Banksy said in a statement to the New York Times.

Another new work by Banksy placed a rat inside a clock on a former bank building on 14th Street in Manhattan.

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