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Olga Loschinina: Photographer, Painter, and World Traveler

NY-ARTNEWS: How do you approach photography and painting differently?

OL: Both are like a hobby for me. When I’m not traveling with my camera, I spend my free time painting; I find it relaxing. I enjoy going to photo workshops with well-known photographers. I choose the leader and direction I want to go in...Then I go! As for painting, I visit art galleries and draw there.

NY-ARTNEWS: You have traveled the world, where is one of your favorite destinations that has the most inspired you?

OL: Hopefully I haven’t been there yet, but I look forward to visiting it soon! Some of the most exoctic and exciting places I have traveled to are Antarctica, Baikal Lake, and New Zealand.

Canada, 2017

Canada, 2017

NY-ARTNEWS: What is your process like when photographing in a new city? Do you have any rituals or does the location guide you?

OL: I always travel with a guide, either a photographer or a tour guide. They know the location well and do not waste any time showing me the best and least touristy corners. I just came back from a two week trip in Naples. I found a guide who showed me the city and all the hidden places there. I’m sure I would have missed many of them without the guide."

The Tree, Acrylic on dibond, 2018

NY-ARTNEWS: How does your painting process differ? How long does it usually take for you to complete a painting?

OL: It can take anywhere from one day to a month, depending on the subject and material. Before I start to paint I like to have an idea of what I’m planning. But it’s often impromptu; the subject can change throughout the process. My favorite paintings to work on are abstract.

Lavender Fields, Acrylic on canvas, 2018

NY-ARTNEWS: What came first, your love of art or love of traveling?

OL: I enjoyed painting when I studied at school but I never continued with it. I always liked to travel but when I started to using my camera, my trips acquired a more colorful, different meaning. I resumed painting just three years ago.

NY-ARTNEWS: What connections do you see between your photography and your painting?

OL: Photography conveys the colors created by nature, especially if it is a landscape. When I paint I create my own combination of colors and lines. Sometimes my photos prompt stories and inspiration for my paintings.

Canada, 2017

NY-ARTNEWS: If you could exhibit your work anywhere, where would you choose?

OL: I would love to exhibit in more New York City galleries and other places around the U.S.

NY-ARTNEWS: What artists do you draw influence from?

OL: I like impressionists very much! And Van Gogh has always been an inspiration to me.

NY-ARTNEWS: How did you prepare for the exhibition Life Is But A Dream?

OL: The pictures were shot in Norway in 2016. They were chosen by the gallery. If someone had never been there, hopefully my photos will make them dream of visiting.

Canada, 2017

NY-ARTNEWS: What direction do you see your art going in/what are your plans for the future?

OL: Abstraction for sure! I like experimenting with color and shape. I’m also interested in doing more landscapes and portraits."

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