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Art Speaks The Heart, and Sara Chyan’s Art is One of Them

When the world was busy on social media just scrolling profiles, Sara Chyan was the one who was studying the changes in people’s thoughts and feelings going through this interaction while socializing. Technology might have minimized live interaction among individuals but Sara Chyan believes in maximum interaction of an individual. Just like the touch of a smart phone is constantly changing our lives, in the same way Sara’s artworks have vital importance of the feeling of touching an artwork, she believes that art has the power and capability to transform individuals: their feelings and lives. She says, “I like the feeling that people are gradually changing in interactions with each other. As they get along with each other, they gradually interact and change, as I am working now. To influence people, to lead people to think with works of art, I like to observe the changes that others have made with me or my works. Life affects life.”

Sara Chyan’s artworks takes us to a completely different world. The viewer can feel the peace and calmness she enjoys while creating her pieces. Sara can create artworks from any material she feels connected with, “There’s no limitation in my materials usage. I love to test materials, combine things and see how it works. Starting from copper, silver, ceramic, resin, 3D printing, gallium, bismuth, matches, rubber, wood, paper, stones and even dust.” Sara creates what she loves. Artist Sol LeWitt’s artworks inspire her in terms of composition of elements and space, simplified forms and the systematic arrangement really motivates her. Sara says, “I love Sol LeWitt’s works the most; his works inspired me to be an artist. His works mainly focus on basic forms and geometric shapes, such as lines and cubes. Basic forms changed according to the angles and spaces, systematically move through all the configurations, and such concepts I reckon can apply to the human body. So, I started my creations with geometric forms and shapes alongside human body lines, using positive and negative space.”

Sara Chyan - Let It Shine Installation

Sara is like a free bird in a sky exploring her own world, in creating her art pieces. Even though her purpose of creating art involves audiences, how simple it may seem but behind the scenes “her art travels” have a tremendous process of creation. She has a deeper meaning to her art. For people it is just an involvement with the final piece which of course moves them, but from Sara’s point of view, the process of creation takes us into a journey of deep spiritualIy and a joyful way of living. It is Sara’s intuition that motivates her to create something, when she says “I still often do some small works according to intuition”. Some really sensitive audience participants would feel the same connection that Sara feels while creating her pieces. Her intuitions are derived from her happiness and feelings she captures while talking to people, while reading a book, it can be anything, even traveling. All her five senses are involved in the creation of the art pieces which makes her art priceless. There cannot be any price tag added to the amount of spirituality or feelings with which an artist creates art. Sara’s art is one of them. It is even more clear when she says, “So I let the audience notice the body itself through the physical movements of the interaction with the works, let them know that their body can let them make such physical moves, and interact with the works to recognize the body itself”. And that is how she explains the involvement of the five senses. “If you see a story and experience a difference in a story, if you experienced it, the five senses will have memories, and the brain will think about it; the impressions portrayed in this way are the most profound.”

Although Sara’s pieces are created during her different moods, moments and feelings, still each and every work possess the perfection of arrangement of her elements in the artworks. This takes us to the minimalistic yet sophisticated art world. Sara talks about the mediums she uses. “I expressed my thoughts in color, glass, ceramic, photography and small pieces of hand-crafted works. I also tried to create a realistic or intensive composition. However, I found that I prefer abstract and streamlined expressions. Colors and lines have enough emotions and the amount of information to express myself.” The way she has presented the metal pieces in one of her series of works, the colors of metals seem to reflect the enjoyment as well as the intelligent form of space division and placement. Sara infuses her mind, body and soul into each every art work. Positivity and happiness captures successful intuitions, and that’s what makes Sara a combination of an artist and a jewelry designer. She relishes each and every part of her life journey. Sara believes in enjoying life to the fullest right now in the present.

Art speaks the heart, and Sara Chyan’s art is truly speaking.

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