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The artist Temel Nal feels color and senses light. Using his own, never-divulged photographic technique and without any- post production “manipulation” or photo shop, he liberates color from its form creating vibrant, strong and emotional works that seem to dance for the viewer.

Awarded the Gold List Prize 2019 by Art Market Magazine as one of the most “fascinating, up-and-coming international artists of 2019” he has also been feted with extensive articles in Lens Magazine and Art Market Magazine this year.

Among others, he has created commissioned works for PORSCHE and a growing number of private collectors. His works are either printed on very high quality handmade paper or as dye sublimation prints on very thin aluminum. His works come in limited editions of 7. Unique pieces are also part of his oeuvre.

So now let's explore more about the artist who “paints “ with his camera, creating brushstrokes of captured light.

NY-ARTNEWS: What idea do you wish to convey to the audience through your photographic prints?

T N: There is no one reality or truth, and I capture just one of the many possibilities with my camera. My reality is that colors live, they come alive when they are freed from their form.

NY-ARTNEWS: You have been working on a wide range of subjects in your photography, which one is your most favorite subject? And why?

T N: Cities and colorful fairgrounds! Because I can discover so many worlds, I can play with colors and forms and can create new ways of seeing. The color combinations are so crazy in fairgrounds. The relationship between people and the attractions is just so symbiotic. With one shot I can recreate something completely different and new. With cities, I’m drawn to finding completely new ways of seeing cityscapes that everyone recognizes and is used to. Set the colors free and you have a completely new game! New and crazy!

NY-ARTNEWS: What qualities of the camera and the lens do you utilize while photographing different scenes?

TN: I play with the shutter speed and effective focal length, though I mostly use a wide-angle lens and high shutter speeds.

NY-ARTNEWS: What is your inspiration from impressionists?

TN: The dynamic and individual brushstrokes; mainly working on scenes outdoors; capturing a personal impression in the moment it is seen and experienced.

NY-ARTNEWS: You call your artworks “Pure Photo Impressions”, as none of them are computer manipulated, just a minimal enhancement in the definition and color intensity of the image. Do you feel colors play an important role in your pieces? Why?

TN: Yes of course they do! The most important role. Because through the release from its form, helped by the light, color dances and vibrates and only then can my works be created. So color, and its release is the main objective. I am continuously fascinated by this dynamic act of release. Fascinated to be a part of it and to be involved in the process.

NY-ARTNEWS: You said “I feel color I sense light”, which sounds interesting. Do you wish to inculcate the same feelings and sense through your artworks? Is there a state of individual transformation?

TN: Sometimes! Sometimes I get into almost a state of color frenzy through intense concentration.

It depends on the subject and location as well as the light, the conditions, the vividness. It draws me to it, affects me. The right circumstances can transform me, but sometimes my work is very calculated and thought through.

I hope that the energy and dynamics of the images are noticeable and palpable to the viewers and that they can discover and create new worlds of their own and appreciate a shift in seeing the ordinary.

NY-ARTNEWS: What mediums do you use for printing the photographs?

TN: Sublimation dye prints on aluminum. Prints on handmade paper. Each image demands its own print medium. Some are better on paper where as some are better on aluminum.

NY-ARTNEWS: You are photographing since 1996, how has your photography style evolved with time? What art movements have motivated you throughout your journey?

TN: My recognizable technical style was something that I had from the very beginning. This is my language if you want – the technique that you can recognize me by. Of course, this technique has evolved over the years. I paint with my camera. I have brushstrokes going in all directions. It is not something that you see in the photo art world. Or at least I haven’t seen anyone working with my technique up until now. I developed it myself and I don’t divulge how I do it. My work really gives the impression of brushstrokes. This took some time to develop and get it to the stage it is today. I am not motivated by other contemporary art movements. I am motivated by nature, by light, by forms, man made or natural, by scenes with a strong interplay of color and light. And above all, I am motivated by a desire to free color from its form. To experience pure photographic impression.

NY-ARTNEWS: Do you see any change in your style IN THE past 20 years? Do you think the changing environment haS played a role in your process, theme and style?

TN: My technique hasn’t changed – just developed – but I do play more with definition and blur in elements of my work. This actually started when I was doing a commissioned piece for the Porsche company. They wanted the car to be recognizable but still in my style, so I had to start to differentiate. I then started putting this aspect into some of my other work.

The environment, specifically Mother Nature and endangered animal species, are beginning to play an increasingly important role in my work.

NY-ARTNEWS: What are the new creations which are taking place in your studio for your future projects?

TN: Up till now I have not worked very much in a studio. As mentioned, like the original Impressionists, I work outside using natural light. However, I do have some new developments that I am working on and which are in the very early stages at the moment. One of my future projects will be a series of faces. I will probably work in the studio for this. All early days though!Another project, is something that I have been thinking about and pondering on for a long time now. I would like to develop my 2d abstract forms/images into 3d sculptures. Because my work depicts light freed from its form, it would be a paradox to capture it again into a sculptural I will have to create a medium where form does not play a part. A new medium with new elements! A paradox and very difficult to solve!

NY-ARTNEWS: What is the best way to approach your works?

TN: My works can be viewed at the following e-platforms;, Instagram: Temel Nal Photo art,,,, and Artsyshark Instagram

NY-ARTNEWS: You have been a part of numerous exhibitions every year. What is the update for your 2019 shows so far?

TN: Gallery shows & viewings and Fairs for 2019 are: Camden Image Gallery: “The Silent Witness”, London, England; Gallery Marco Antonio Patrizio, Padua, Italy; Gallery Sophisticated, Munich, Germany; Gallery Joseph, ARTBLEND, Miami, USA; Gallery MMG, Milano, Italy, in conjunction with the Festival di Fotografia 2019, Milano, Italy; Antony TODD, NYC, New York, USA and KONTEMPO NYC, New York, USA. There are also on-going and upcoming art fairs where I will be exhibiting this year, such as L'Art Contemporain, Paris, France in April, Festival di Fotografia, Milano, Italy in May, Art& Design, Hamptons, New York in July, SCOPE Miami Beach at Art Basel Miami in December.

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