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The Fashionista Side of a Marketing PR Representative

Promoting a fashion brand is the number-one goal of a public relations representative in the field of fashion. A public relations representative in fashion often works closely with celebrities and high-end fashion designers. The fashion Industry is an exhilarating, fast-paced field where the hours are long, and the work is extensive.

NY-ArtNews met Linda Liu, a fashion and marketing PR representative based in New York City to learn more about this job and to talk about her life and profession.

Linda Liu, Marketing and Public Relations Representative

NY-ArtNews: Linda what are the most important tips to help Fashion Brands to promote themselves? Linda Liu: Above all, doing research: knowing the market, and your competitors is a must. Then using attractive models, leading in Social Media, and making deals with brand ambassadors.

Is there a social media platform that is more important than the others?

Currently, Instagram is having a position of predominance.

Because Instagram is image-focused, this is a great place for a brand specializing in appearances to hang out.

Basically, you know how to plan and produce a video as a filmmaker, but then you also know how to promote it on-line. Are we wrong if we say that hiring you means hiring five people?: a graphic designer, a photographer, a film-maker, a marketing researcher, and a PR person.

No, you are not wrong. In fact, my skills are connected to different professions that I manage to convey in a single activity.

Taiwanese since 1994, why have you decided to move in the States?

I have always been intrigued by having an experience in the United States since a I was a child. Then, after college, the opportunity arose to move to NY and I jumped at it.

Are you happy of this choice?

Yes, I am happy and I feel lucky. New York opened several professional bridges for me.

What is a recurring expectation of your line of work?

Brands won’t succeed if no one knows they exist. Essentially, I am expected to do everything possible to get the word out and build enthusiasm and demand for my clients' products.

You worked as Fashion and Marketing PR for the event Find your ID NYC, an event that happened during NY fashion week 2018. What do you remember about this experience?

The XChange Fashion Show has been a thrilling event. It was really exciting and an adrenaline rush to live this event and transmit it and share it in real time through social media.

This work has opened the doors to you even abroad and has allowed you to work also for the Milan Fashion Week.

Based on your experience, what are the similarities and differences between the Milan and NY fashion weeks?

Differences: NY fashion seems to me more attentive to gender variants than that of Milan. Moreover, it is more open to African and Asian contaminations.

Similarities, the tasks of my professions were repeated in the same way in Milan as in NY. Also, in both cities, you drink a waterfall of coffee everyday.

What are the projects you are working on now?

I have now started a long-term collaboration with the Black Dog 8 Showroom.

And for the future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself continuing to promote a showroom all year round and participating in the most important fashion week events in the world. I feel that NY will continue to be the nerve center of my life.

New Year's Eve party x fashion show in east village, NY held by Find Your ID NYC Design: Bronte Laurent

The editorial shoot for 7hues magazine. design @menfredonia  model: vivian Zheng

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