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When technology meets creativity

Interview with the award-winning artist Yi Lut Mak

In 2006 you were the winner of the World Heart Day, one of the most prestigious competitions dedicated to Hong Kong design. Can we say that your artistic career started from there?

This recognition was a great injection of confidence for me and made me understand that art could have become a profession for me.

Then the United States arrived in your life. Why this choice?

I decided to like in the USA to study design at Pratt University. America is leading in Design. Definitely, it has been good choice for my career.


All of the most innovated design company are situated in the USA.

Furthermore, all type of trends starts from NY. Ny is really the right place for me.

What are your favorite design company?

Space X. Apple. Huawei. Google

You are currently work for JtRose as Senior Production Designer.

JtRose is a household brand renown for its trend-right home decor with over 30 years of experience. Could you briefly describe your daily duties?

I am in charge of design, sourcing, quoting, price negotiating, packaging design and production management of the products. In addition to design, I help serve as a bridge between our company and factories in China. Furthermore, I participate in clients meeting to know what they want, and to understand what is more sellable.

Could you describe your projects with more detail?

Depending on the time of the year, I will be developing many different designs in multiple home decor categories such as mirrors, wall art and shelves.Every new design starts off with inspirations which we get from looking at stores and online. After designing and rendering the new design, I will also source out factories that are able to produce the item.Sending the design for quotation to only one factory is never enough since we need very competitive pricing. This process involve making may changes to the design and negotiating with factories about material, dimensions and packaging. If the final sample is approved and we order the item I will follow up on the production of the item. In orders like the Sam's club clock with a lot of quantity, I will fly to China personally to observe and direct the production myself.In normal productions, I will ask for update images from factories to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Something that you will like to underline about your job?

Know the market. It’s not simple.

You can’t create something that you just like but you have to realize something that the market can lead too.

When you have to develop a design product do you still start drawing or by pc?

I create rendering on the computer, and send it to multiple factory, to see if they can do the item and ask for the best price.

Your work and your creativity has contributed to products chosen by hundreds of thousands of people. Do you realize that?

Well, it's a great feeling to know that with your daily commitment it is possible to improve the quality of so many people of all ages, races and why not, even income.

As Senior Production Designer, you are at the service of products that are reproduced en masse. do you ever miss the creation of a unique work?

Sometimes yes. I have recently come into contact with Borinquen Gallo Studio and I am working as a project manager for a public project.

What is it?

A public sculpture that will be installed outside a new police district that will be built in the South of the Bronx.

Another project born thanks to NY?

Oh yeah, Another project born thanks to NY.

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