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Artist Biography: Christian Ludwig Attersee

Born in Bratislava - Slovachia - on 28th of Aug 1940, contemporary artist Christian Ludwig Attersee, is identified with a number of artistic media that incorporates: music, speech, painting, photography as well as videography. Attersee spent his childhood and part of his youthful years in Aschach on the Danube, in Linz and the Lake Attersee. He is recognized for the numerous international regattas he won, as a prominent Austrian yachtsman.

In 1951, Atttersee began writing novelettes and songs while in secondary school. Not only that, he also began to draw comics and designing stage sets.

After completing his studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna (1957 to 1963), studying painting under Eduard Bäumer, he adopted the name ‘Attersee’ in 1966, a reminder of his childhood on Lake Attersee which he inscribed on his paintings. Most of his artworks have always been themed with Weather and Water as the main subjects. His canvasses are also characterized by bright colours and dynamic brushstrokes which blend abstraction and space with figurative representational images. Sexuality has also been one of the strongest themes on some of his works.

Among his first exhibitions was ‘Documenta VI’ in Kassel in 1977, and in 1988 when he represented Austria at the Venice Biennial. Early 80s were covered by his exhibition ‘Attersee Werksquer’, which was shown at numerous museums throughout Austria and Germany.

1985 was owned by his love for music, when he published his LP Songs of Weather and Love. In 1990, he was appointed professor at the Vienna University of Applied Arts for master class in experimental design. In 1992 Attersee was appointed professor for the master class in painting, animation and tapestry design. In 1993, his solo retrospective was hosted at the Gemeente Museum in The Hague. In 1977, another one of his solo retrospectives was hosted at the Grafische Sammlung Albertina in Vienna.

Attersee is a renowned successful artist, worldly known for representing Austria.Currently lives and works in Vienna, St. Martin an der Raab in the Burgenland region and at Semmering.

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