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A Glimpse Inside Fort Gansevoort's "Looking Out, Looking In" Exhibition

Shuvinai Ashoona is a renowned Inuk artist hailing from Kinngait. Deeply rooted in Inuit culture Ashoona's work is inspired by a personal response to her environment. Within this fusion of traditional Inuit artistic practices and contemporary influences, the artist has created a unique visual language that captivates viewers.

Ashoona's intricate drawings often depict surreal and imaginative scenes, combining fantastical creatures, landscapes, and everyday life in the Arctic. The use of vibrant colors, and meticulous attention to detail with the subjects conveys a sense of enchantment and thoughtfulness within her work.

Each floor was decorated with imaginative works by the artist, transforming the location into an ideal space. Upon entering the inviting building with its dark, cozy beams, it felt like stepping into a warm home. The humorous images created by the artist brought the characters to life, adding a playful and lively ambience to the building.

As you wander up the gallery stairs you find yourselves studying the small details as your eyes wander through the layers of hidden gems to be found. Ashoona uses a combination of colored pencils, pastels and ink in vibrant hues to create a cheerfulness in her work that captures the spirit of her imagination. Through surrealist ideals and the artist's own visual language, the viewer is invited into Ashoona's world.

Through recordings of the natural world around her, the artist captures the beauty and fears in her environment supported by her imagination. During this exhibition, the viewer is invited to take a glimpse into the artist's mind's eye and bear witness to a world created by Ashoona's personal perspective. This playful and honest exhibition explores the artist's own psychology and interactions with the world around her.

This exhibition is an exciting opportunity to see the artist's first solo exhibition in New York. Athough, Shuvinai Ashoona was unable to attend the opening night, the Fort Gansevoort Gallery has a welcoming team eager to provide details about the showcased artworks. Feel free to visit the Meatpacking District and enjoy this exhibition, running until November 4th.


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