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Clio Art Fair: The Anti-Fair for Independent Artists

Featuring: Performance art section, “What’s your Fight?”

14 th Clio Art Fair- May 18 th – 21 st , 2023

The 14 th edition of Clio Art Fair will be held next Thursday through Sunday, May 18 th – 21 st !

The fair is held at its home location in Chelsea at 550 W 29 th St, New York. Get your tickets for

the opening night reception now. Doors open with free entry on Friday May 19 th at noon!

Saturday and Sunday general admissions tickets are available here

For the last 9 years, Clio Art Fair has lived up to its call to action to be the anti-fair for

independent artists. Started in 2014, the anti-fair’s aim has been to showcase the careers and

achievements of creative minds. With this in mind, founder Alessandro Berni targets artists that

don’t have exclusive NYC gallery representation in order to give them space to show their work.

Clio’s intention is “to create a space for direct dialogue between artists and collections, and

artists and curators without the presence of any long-term mediator.” It has done so by

cultivating a casual environment where artists socialize with collectors directly without


This inclusive art fair highlights diversity among artists and mediums. Clio is

also the first art fair of its kind to embrace crypto-currencies as acceptable forms of payment.

You can’t miss this fourteenth edition of Clio art fair!

The Artists!

With over 80 artists from 20 countries exhibiting, this is a must visit for anyone who loves art

and loves supporting independent and emerging artists!

If you like sculpture, you’ll find it at Clio. You can check out the ocean inspired fused glass

sculptures by Miami based artist John Denis. Other sculptors featured are, Joanna Posa and

Jacqueline Yvonne Tull.

There will be abstract paintings by Grazia Fanfani juxtaposed against the hyperrealism of Aurelio Bruni. Other themes include multimedia work, graffiti inspired politically charged pieces and photomontage work.

While you are there; compare and contrast the tranquil landscapes of Anup Paul Sankar with the

crowded cityscapes of Steve Zolin.

Anup Sankar Paul, Tree Steve Zolin, Lower East Side

A cohort of independent women artists are strongly represented at Clio! In fact, several of these

artists grapple with the female form in unique ways across various mediums.

LA based artist Kina Lee’s canvases are influenced by Japanese and Western art and primarily

video games. Peruvian artist Diana Contreras paints feminine forms in oil on almost any surface

including fabric! Denise Cooperman is a New Jersey based artist, whose background in interior

design bleeds into her current canvases.

Kina Lee, Kintsugi Eta Diana Contrareas, Morpho Beauty

Denise Cooperman, Green Glove, II & I

Perhaps most striking, Ukrainian artist Ola Rondiak displays the female form as a powerful

comment on the tenacity of women to fight for freedom! Rondiak’s charcoal drawings and

collages are deeply raw and personal. They acknowledge the pain of the ongoing Russian

invasion of Ukraine.

Ola Rondiak, Generations

“What’s Your Fight?”

This year’s spring Clio Art Fair features a new first! A performance based curated show entitled

“What’s Your Fight?” Throughout the fair, a series of performances will help us answer one

main question, why is life dominated by conflict? These performance art pieces invite us to

reflect on conflict in daily life and pinpoint our own unique fights in life. Through artistic

performances by (list aritsts), we come to realize the universal nature of conflict and determine

our own reasons for fighting.

“And you? What’s your fight? What are you fighting for? What are you

doing today for and/or against your fight?”

This performance-based show makes this edition of Clio a can’t miss event!

Here is the list of performers: Verónica Peña, Katie Cercone & Ronit Levin Delgado, stringdance+media/christy walsh, John O'Donnell, Alice Celeste (Nicole Javorsky),

PimComedy, Annika Rhea

Catch Clio Art Fair again from September 7-10, 2023. If you are an independent artist

interested in participating in a future iteration of CLIO, you can apply online at

Get your tickets for this week’s show here (Clio Art Fair | Visitor Info May 18-21, 2023) and we

will see you this coming Thursday, May 18 th , for opening night!


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