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Clubhouse, what opportunities for an artist and an art expert?

Clubhouse: drop-in audio chat © Alpha Exploration Co.

Clubhouse is a new social media that promises to establish itself in the coming years.

The project also received the endorsement of Elon Musk who on February 1st accepted an interview on this platform. Once the light has been turned on by the interview with the South African histrionic business leader, will Clubhouse be able to carve out its place in the world of communication?

The application is able to stand out for some peculiar aspects compared to all other social media:

The application is by invitation only. An existing member should decide to invite you. Each subscriber to a limited number of invitations that increases according to their activity and popularity within the platform.

The only possible means of communication is voice: it is not possible to communicate through text, photos and videos.

Social media seems to want to become a critical mass accumulator. You do not enter it to distract yourself, but to think.

And contemporary art? What benefit and what role it could carve out within this container.

Today, February 2, 2021, there are about 20 clubs dedicated to contemporary art and the largest has just under 15,000 members.

The initial impression is that this application will continue to dig the separation channel that divides contemporary art from today's media. We will see if the inspiration of some artist will be able to use it as a source of inspiration or from this think tank some new entrepreneurial project will be born capable of establishing itself in the real art market.

We will also see how museums decide to use it, and maybe they will use it as an amplification tool for their conferences.

After only a few days of testing, the general impression is that insulting education prevails in this application, complexity is imposed over superficiality.

ClubHouse generator and sharing of entrepreneurial avant-garde as well as critical thinking? We hope so. For ourselves, for the world of art and for the world in general.


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