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Jindřich Lípa: New Wave Abstract

From viewing his collection of abstract art, I saw many emotions put into Jindrich's paintings. You can see the fun he had from the way each stroke is plastered into the canvas. Without too much effort, each painting's color gave its own story, which gave each image its own individuality. It's as if they were coming to life from your very eyes. I interviewed Jindrich and his translator Marek through a Zoom meeting on Saturday, February 13th, 2021.

Lace, acrylic on canvas 140x100cm © Jindřich Lípa

Where were you born? What is your ethnic background?

I was born in Prague, Czech Republic, in Europe. Czech's are Slovans.

Did you attend Art School, and what school did you attend?

I took some painting lessons from professional painters. But, I consider myself self-taught. 20 international professional critics can prove it.

What is inspires the work you do in an abstract painting?

It is everything he sees around him, the way he looks at the canvas, and what he wishes to do with it.

Jindřich Lípa

I've seen your work, and it looks like you put your emotions into your paintings. Is this accurate, or is it more in-depth to work?

I can do emotions to the painting, but I paint more realistically, somewhat in a surrealistic way.

Why abstract paintings, and have you practice landscape or portrait paintings?

As a child, I got into art with hand painting. At a young age, I had my hand at drawing realistic art. But, as I got older, I enjoyed more abstract art.

Do you practice other forms of art? Photography? Sculptures? Drawings? Is painting your main outlet?

My main interest is painting, but I also take abstract photos, video footage of some of my artwork, I called it exhibition painting (documentaries).

Manta, acrylic on canvas 140x100cm © Jindřich Lípa

What made you become an artist? What other profession would you do instead?

I was an artist from childhood. But in communist era in mid-east Europe you can’t do art freely. Some things (like art) were banned. However being an artist came naturally.

I understand that. Some artists are born into it; some are made. It came naturally to you, and I respect that dearly as a fellow artist.

In elementary school, during chemistry class, I made a sculpture from the glasses in front of me. At the time, my teacher said that I would not make it as a chemist, stating I was meant to be an artist.

That was a clear sign. How many hours of the day do you put into your artwork? What do you do the rest of the day?

Art is my living, so I do everything about art. I put a big effort into putting together art, from the painting and sculpture to the collages and monuments, for a month.

Grief, acrylic on canvas 140x100cm © Jindřich Lípa

What artists and/or paintings do you admire the most? What works inspire you?

I have no particular artist I look to, but I like watching others like Picasso in their work. However, no major inspiring artist I look up to.

Basically, you are your own inspiration.

Yes, I have no problem painting all day. I have no time watching other people do what I can do. It may sound selfish, but I just focus on my work

You march to the beat of your own drum. I can respect that because most artists try to mimic other painters, but you inspire yourself, making you self-efficient, self-aware of your own work. You don't compare yourself to other artists' work. I get it.

I do my art humbly; I don't want to show off to other people. I want to help others in the arts.

Full moon, acrylic on canvas 180x120cm © Jindřich Lípa

That's so nice to hear. Are you teaching other artists your method of abstract art?

No, but I do some workshops for beginner painters and specific painters who needs encouragement. Some painters come artistic unsure, but they going home fully artistic self-confidence.

What made you open up your business, and when did you start your business/workshops?

In my youth, I had an experience with the exhibition. I publish some cartoons. I worked for years with metal in artistic ways; I did metal designs for TV. I used to be a drummer in the band with a friend of mine. I did paintings for a living regularly because of the past national regime. But later, some 20 years back, I did it more and more, and now it's my full-time job. At present, I got even foreign customers on average 3 large format paint per month.

How do some of the participants of your workshops reach out to you?

From my websites. Some of my customers return and want to try it by themself. In my workshops, I don't tell the theory; I use their relaxed mind flow and help them find what is inside their minds. I allow them to throw away the anxiety, which locks their abilities and trust in themselves. We paint large-format together and let them do their way. Still, a got eye on the final result and aesthetic. Every member of my workshop can take the artwork. It belongs to them. The reward has bigger value they came for.

How do some of the clients reach out to you?

Mostly by my web sites More than 10 galleries, where my artwork is (Saatchi Gallery, Artbox Gallery, Artstaq Gallery, Gallery u Zlatého kohouta, Ammymon Gallery … ). My customers share their experiences thru their friends. I've got my art blog, where I can be fined.

Repentance, acrylic on canvas 140x100cm © Jindřich Lípa

Besides Abstract Expressionism, what other genres of painting do you practice?

I do not feel the need to practice any other painting genres other than abstract art, but I do some architecture design work on the side. My main focus is doing abstract art.

What is your next big project?

I am communicating with customers to request my work. I plan two exhibitions, one of them is for large size abstract painting wich is called Artgarage and the other is for large size abstract photography called Analysis. I do design for carpets, wich is made in Italy and officially for sale. If you would like, I can send you some footage of some of the projects I've been doing lately.

If you don't mind.

I will make a video analyzing the material you're reviewing.

These last questions are essential; do you still have family in the Czech Republic and do they also practice art?

My family is in Czech Republic. Unfortunately, I am a lone soldier in the art field. I’m the only one who does art in family.

I am so sorry.

But I get a lot of support from my family.

That's one of the best things to have; even if you don't have much in common, it's good to have that support from people who know you well enough. Thank you so much for your time and the material you sent.


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