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Liberty Is A Long Process

Sweet Liberty work in progress by Kadir nelson. Source: twitter KadirNelson

For the first time someone born from immigrants; someone raised by a single mother...

For the first time, a woman with African and Asian descent was not only a candidate for the vice presidency of the United States, but was also elected.

The country, always very attentive to social demographics and its evolution, rightly has its spotlight on this event since the first night of the election of Kamala Harris.

Source: twitter KadirNelson

2020 is not over yet, but it has already become a watershed year for the entire planet.

During this pandemic year, America's public attention has returned to ghettos and the malaise of those who live in them. Battle axes ready to be unearthed, so many of the young people who live there in the weeks leading up to the elections expressed their suffering peacefully and not, even by challenging local police districts.

A politician is always an inspiration. His or her language has an inevitable strength of influence and reference.

We do not know if after this defeat, the way of communicating, always aggressive and sometimes scurrilous of the president in office, will definitely begin to go out of fashion, or after a 4-year break it will make itself felt again.

What we know is that the United States and the world has found a new icon.

Kamala Harris, smiling in sport suit and from Atlanta, a symbolic city in the USA for African-Americans, thus began her media adventure as vice president.

"I can't breathe" were the moving words mentioned on TV by the African-American commentator Van Jones.

CNN, ahead of all the media in the country with stars and stripes, is convinced that Kamala Harris will be a great inspiration for millions of girls and women around the world.

The cover of the New Yorker is dedicated to this topic for the upcoming issue of November 23, the historic edition that hosts the painting "Sweet Liberty" by the artist Kadir Nelson.

We can bet other artists will join Kadir Nelson and will incorporate the election of Kamala Harris and its echo into their art. In the meantime, the next generations of the USA, especially if they come from dysfunctional families, if sons and daughters of immigrants, if African, Asian or from other ethnic minorities, from this 2020 will see a reflection of themselves in the White House.


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