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NYC Gallery Highlights: November 2023

David Zwirner:


November 2—December 16, 2023

Dana Schutz's new exhibition at David Zwirner in New York showcases her large-scale paintings and sculptures, marking her debut solo show with the gallery. These artworks, part of her Jupiter's Lottery series, feature allegorical scenes with intriguing and often grotesque characters grappling with their subjecthood. Schutz's paintings are dense with color and emotion, making the human condition visible and palpable. The exhibition also introduces large-scale sculptures that bring her imagined characters to life, cast in bronze with dynamic forms mirroring the physicality of her paintings. The title, "Jupiter's Lottery," alludes to an Aesop's fable, where wisdom is replaced by folly, a theme that resonates throughout the artist's work. Don't miss this captivating display of Schutz's artistry.

Lisson Gallery:


November – 16 December 2023

This month, Anish Kapoor unveils a compelling exhibition at Lisson Gallery's New York locations, following his celebrated survey in Venice. The show features never-before-seen standalone sculptures, grand installations, enigmatic corporeal paintings, and a debut series employing Vantablack nano-technology, which absorbs nearly all visible light. Kapoor's recent acclaim for his paintings is evident in powerful oil works at 504 West 24th Street, where vibrant, explosive brushwork dances between definition and abstraction. Notably, "Ein Sof" explores Kabbalah's concept of the Infinite God, revealing figurative transformation from dark shadow to luminous crimson. "Untitled (2023)" continues his exploration of the maternal lexicon, introducing a black oval void within the pregnant form, evoking infinite darkness. The exhibit also includes gouache drawings where biology and architecture meld, creating emotional, transcendent radiance.



November 2—December 16, 2023

In his inaugural exhibition at Templon NY, German artist Franz Ackermann delves into his evolving exhibition concept with "Multiple Locations." This collection of previously unseen canvas oils and a site-specific installation builds upon his recent shows in Paris and Brussels in 2022, all rooted in the theme of physical and mental displacement. As he explores new destinations through his exhibitions, Ackermann's nomadic practice thrives on the sense of dislocation. On his canvases, he blends random memories with vibrant colors and intense emotions drawn from his extensive travels, creating mental maps that weave together photographic fragments and skyscraper outlines. This artistic experiment invites viewers to engage with a transformative and dynamic world that reinterprets modernity, offering a contemporary enigma born from a life of exploration.

Berry Campbell:


19 October to 18 November 2023

"Modern Woman" presents a collection of twenty-three works from 1954 to 1959 by the artist Godwin, showcasing her distinctive style of Abstract Expressionism that blends elements of femininity and masculinity. These pieces resonate with a harmonious interplay of ethereal, colorful washes and powerful, somber tones, drawing inspiration from the female form, relationships, and nature. This exhibition marks the first time in over six decades that Godwin's 1950s works are the sole focus, reaffirming her contemporary relevance and contributing to the promotion of postwar women artists' legacies. While artists like Godwin received less recognition in the past compared to their male counterparts, efforts to acknowledge their contributions, like the 2016 exhibition "Women of Abstract Expressionism," have played a significant role. "Modern Woman" includes works that haven't been publicly displayed for over sixty years, providing fresh insights into Godwin's artistry, such as "Spirit – Ode to Martha Graham" and "Night," each with its own compelling narrative and artistic language.


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