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Postcard from New York I May 27 -31, 2024

Here is our weekly Postcard from New York, in collaboration with Clio Art Fair!

In this article, we will explore some of the highlights of this week, looking for the most interesting and inspiring exhibitions and events in NYC.

Let's discover our selection of NYC-based art events!

In Museums


March 28 - December 9, 2024

This exhibition presents a selection of prints by the artist, illustrator, and children’s book author Wanda Gág (1893–1946). These works record the world as Gág experienced it: a place where landscapes move rhythmically and inanimate objects hum with life. Although she also painted, the graphic arts offered her the most effective method for expressing this unique vision.

Drawn entirely from the Whitney’s collection, the works in this exhibition span roughly two decades, ranging from the mid-1920s to the year before Gág's death. Together, these still lifes, landscapes, and interiors illuminate what the artist called “Wanda Gág world,” demonstrating her fervent quest to capture the feeling and movement of life as she saw it.


In Galleries


May 10 - June 15, 2024

Luhring Augustine is delighted to announce Flaming Mirror, an exhibition of new works by Tomm El-Saieh and Diego Singh, which will be on view in our Tribeca location.

The title of Tomm El-Saieh’s and Diego Singh’s two-person exhibition, Flaming Mirror, evokes an image similar to this burning mirror effect. Five paintings by each artist, all developed over the last two years, face each other. The work’s rhythmic and chromatic surfaces appear to bounce off each other, like sounding boards or infinity mirrors exposed to their echoes and resonances, with the viewer located in the space between. While the works are not exact juxtapositions of each other, they certainly convey that the two artists have known each other for almost twenty years, working side by side, including together operating an artist-run gallery in Miami Beach, CENTRAL FINE. Discover more


In Brooklyn


March 8 - July 7, 2024

In the Now unites nearly fifty women artists who are resisting traditional ideas of gender and nationality, as well as of photography itself. The first museum survey of photography-based works by women artists born or based in Europe, this exhibition interrogates the continent’s legacies of nationalism and patriarchal power structures—which continue to shape everyday life, particularly for women.  In the Now highlights the expansive nature of the Sir Mark Fehrs Haukohl Photography Collection at the Brooklyn Museum and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Made entirely after 2000, the exhibition’s more than seventy artworks offer a window into the first decades of the twenty-first century..




September 7 - August 5, 2024

Fred Eversley (b. 1941, Brooklyn, NY) is a pioneer of the Light and Space art movement, which originated in Southern California in the 1960s. Interested in science as a teen, he experimented by casting jello in a pie pan on a spinning turntable, thus creating his first parabolic surface. His fascination with the parabola—the only shape that focuses all forms of energy to a single point—continued in his career as an engineer designing acoustical testing laboratories for the aerospace industry. Eversley, who shifted to making art in 1967, developed an innovative process of spin-casting liquid resin. In 1970 he cast his first full parabolic lens in polyester, launching a body of work which would become his principal focus for over fifty years. Discover more


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