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Robert Frankel: Adventures in Geometry #3

Artist Robert Frankel is back at Van Der Plas Gallery in New York City as part of the exhibit Quo Vadis – Where Do We Go From Here? Frankel brings his talent along with other artists to answer with his art. People are trying to adjust to this new reality that has taken their lives and turned them into uncertainty and questions that might not have proper answers at this moment. On top of that, politics and recent social unrest add more challenge to this moment in history that everyone is trying to navigate and overcome. At times, art can be a balm in order to alleviate and even provide some clarity during a confusing reality.

Adventures in Geometry #1, Copyright by Phil Goldman Photography

Frankel answers this moment in history with his art piece Adventures in Geometry #3. This piece is part of this exhibition of talents and visions of what humanity can or should do next. With his art, Frankel expresses his idea of what the visitor can envision about the future, and in that image of what lies ahead, he has provided them with a window to a world of colors and energy that is a welcome alternative to our current, more somber reality.

Because of COVID-19, the world is no longer as it was, and now people have to adapt to these new times and seek new ways to see and experience life. For many people, art is embedded in that process of transformation and adaptation to this new existence.

In Frankel’s work, Adventures in Geometry #3, he delivers the fresh dynamism that can help activate the healing process that viewers might need at this time. With Adventures in Geometry #3, Frankel once again capitalizes on bright colors and geometric structures to create a unique and exciting painting, bringing some brightness into the world’s muted colors and gloomy interrogations.

Adventures in Geometry #3, Copyright by Phil Goldman Photography

An observer by nature, Frankel has developed a distinctive mark that allows viewer and visitors to see the light in the mix of colors he creates in order to discover the message in the simplicity of the structure or to find it in the depth of his art. Different forms, geometrical configurations, and color combinations that speak to the viewer by transmitting the intentions, experiences, and feelings have all inspired his creations. Paintings are the result of his observations, and the paths that have led him to places, colors, and patterns are all transformed on canvases that are now full of emotion, movement, and purpose.

Frankel is back at Van Der Plas Gallery for the third time as part of his contribution to the art world and as a testament to his remarkable international career over the last 20 years, creating art and presenting it to viewers and visitors around the world. Exhibitions in SITE Gallery, 440 Gallery in NYC, two shows in La Galleria Pall Mall in London, Chie Gallery in Milan Italy, as well as Saatchi Art Fair in Chicago are all testament to his sensational talent, commitment, and dedication to his work and his art.

Many people see life in shapes and colors, and the interpretation of those shapes and colors is very subjective to the one that is experiencing it. In Frankel’s work, viewers can look at the shapes, textures, and colors of paintings and find happiness in his abstract art, and in doing so, viewers can then interpret his inspiration. In that process of exploring their natural curiosity, viewers can dive into Frankel’s art and see through his eyes, experience the joy of his creations, discover in the complexity of the structure of the deepest feelings in his mind, and enjoy the results of his imagination. As Frankel said, “I like to use bright colors and hard edges set against each other in a geometric structure to create energy and motion.”

Frankel’s understanding of his day to day life as well as his attention to what surrounds him, along with the process that entails transforming an idea or an inspiration into an art piece, makes his artwork a joyful process, full of life and authenticity that show his intentions and his creativity. As stated in his artist statement on his website, “If I am successful, those who view my work will feel the same joy I feel when creating it.” Making his process an invitation to his viewers to look at his world and share his emotions. The artist makes a genuine offer for viewers to experience his art in a personal and insightful way.

In Adventure of Geometry #3 and in all Frankel’s paintings and other form of art, the viewer is welcome to immerse themselves into a colorful and unique world that—in moments of darkness—is a reminder of the light that has been part of the past. The light that still can be found in the present is an encouraging promise of what is yet to come in the future.

You can find more information about Robert Frankel, his exhibitions, and his work at or you can visit his Instagram page at @robertfrankelart.


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