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The Fiery Encounter: Unveiling the Enigmatic Venus of the Rags and its Unexpected Destiny

From Seduction to Conflagration: Exploring the Unlikely Fusion of Art and Vandalism

La Venere degli stracci di Pistoletto in piazza Municipio in April 2023. Courtesy of Comune di Napoli

Little birthmark (130 cm), seductive and modest, like a lost soul, flooded with rags; she, courtly and supposedly aristocratic, like being overwhelmed by anonymous rags, always supposedly proletarian.

Seen in catalogs, reviewed in its countless copies, the original Venus of the rags, perpetually quarantined at the Pistoletto Foundation, had sent a small, great sister to Naples.

A work with awkward proportions, arriving like an imposed alien, exhibited as such; an external organ that the organism Naples immediately showed signs of rejecting.

But behold, while a summer of crooked phrases and bawdy jokes was being announced, it happens that a vandal sets it ablaze in the night, inadvertently adding aesthetic suggestions and turning it into a global attraction.

La Venere degli stracci di Pistoletto in piazza Municipio on fire. Courtesy of Comune di Napoli

The comical copy of Pistoletto's Venus of the rags in Piazza Municipio is set on fire without a political or artistic reason, it simply happens. The flames of a homeless person become a gesture world. As a manifestation of the universe, the artist and his vandal, despite never having met, find themselves together.

In this unexpected convergence of art and vandalism, the burning of the comical copy of Pistoletto's Venus of rags becomes a symbol of both destruction and unintended artistic expression. The flames illuminate the power of a gesture, transcending political and artistic boundaries. It is a reminder that art, even in its unconventional forms, has the ability to captivate and evoke a global response. The incident serves as a testament to the enigmatic nature of art and the profound impact it can have on society, bringing together unlikely counterparts in a shared moment of artistic significance.

At least until the next episode...


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