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Excellence in NY: Mariangela Ciccone

The Master Art Director

Mariangela Ciccone - Master Art Director

The visual style of a project, exhibit, or piece is pertinent to how it provokes the audience.

For the John Mazlish studio, Mariangela Ciccone is in charge of the studio’s aesthetic and organizes the overall visual input of the space in conjunction with the artist’s work. As art director, she oversees the design, production, and execution of creative strategies. Ciccone's role, she believes is to be responsible for the overall visual style of a project and how it communicates visually, creates emotions, and psychologically appeals to a target audience.

This is no easy task to manage. Think about your thoughts and emotions that are evoked when stepping into a gallery or museum and contemplating its visual. How? Why? Ciccone is responsible for these thoughts, emotions, and questions raised - she unifies the vision. She is able to design sets that arouse these thoughts, emotions and questions. “An art director,” Ciccone says, “has to be able to recognize the talent in those around them and learn how to effectively get the best from that person,” 1 and that is exactly what she does with humility, elegance, and poise.

Currently, Mariangela Ciccone works for the John Mazlish Studio based in New York City; however, in the past, Ciccone has spread her knowledge and acumen around the world. She has worked in San Francisco in 2015 for Greater & Greener, an international Urban Park Conference, as well as in Rome, Italy at the famous Villa Borghese, and beyond. Her expertise to create a poignant atmosphere is exceptional. She sees a bountiful future with the John Mazlish Studio. She wants to be able to open new bridges for him in terms of gallery representations, museum presence, and inclusion with collectors. New York City should be thankful to have Ciccone as one of our own.

1 "The Art To Be An Art Director. Interview with Mariangela Ciccone, Globe Trotting Art Director, New York Based." ArtsLife RSS. Web. 24 Oct. 2016.

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