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City Bites: Experience Curated Design

530 W 25th St, into the small vestibule and up the industrial elevator to the 5th floor, suite 504. A cozy showroom welcomes the viewer into this curated exhibition. An initial scan of the room gives the notion of intruding on a stranger's immaculately designed living space. And once explained, it is in an effort to engage their stellar showroom, that Italian Green Design firm hosts the Alessandro Berni Gallery; maximizing the potential to activate their space. While the interior furniture boasts its own exquisite design, the works of the various artists in this exhibition manage to successfully hold their weight.

City Bites, Installation view, Courtesy Alessandro Berni Gallery

City Bites, Installation view, Courtesy Alessandro Berni Gallery

Towards the front of the showroom, an exposed brick wall features the work of Vito Acconci (recently deceased), and Colombian painter Cecilia Yaghoubi. The contrast in their work styles and size is eye catching in its display; taking note of the original Acconci sketch for a unique bridge design that has yet to be actualized.

City Bites, Installation view, Courtesy Alessandro Berni Gallery

Vito Acconci, Sketch for a Bridge in Tasmania I, 2014 Courtesy by Alessandro Berni Gallery

As the viewer moves through the room, the works gradually seem to gel with the designed furniture pieces seamlessly, in a way that is surprising -- when considering the venue -- but satisfying. Two large Gilbert Salinas paintings are perfectly accented by an untreated, natural wooden glass-topped table, further blurring the distinction between the curated works and the design house productions.

Other notable pieces include the vibrantly colored mixed media illustration by Jacopo Degl’Innocenti. Although it’s his only piece in the exhibition, it acts as a complementary visual anomaly that adds an element of whimsy to the highly chic design aesthetic of the overall space. Similarly, the L.O.V.E Cement Sculpture by Maurizio Cattelan is bolstered a top a table that takes center-stage in the room and acts as a playful focal point amongst the design pieces.

Jacopo Degl'Innocenti, I was Only Gone Out To Buy Milk..., 2014, Courtesy by Alessandro Berni Gallery

City Bites, Installation view, Courtesy Alessandro Berni Gallery

This inaugural exhibition -- viewed by appointment only -- is expertly curated by Asya Rotella (daughter of Mimmo Rotella). It’s an insightful display of the possibilities for use of space and perpetual conversation on art versus, or rather in collaboration with, design.

Particularly, we commend Ms. Rotella's intuition to display "Blu" of Carla Accardi, one of the major figures of the Italian abstract art landscape. The shape and the color of the canvas are at one with the interior design of the room.

Carla Accardi, Blu, 2017 Courtesy Alessandro berni Gallery

Until May 22nd, 2017

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