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Jewels Are Like Planets. Their Creation is My Universe.

Hyunjung Park, you are one of the most requested Jewelry Designer of the city. How do you handle the multiple professional proposals you receive?

The passion for excellence guides my choice of a new project. The jewelry market in New York is rich and prolific. Both the market and technology are constantly evolving, and their shifts keep me continuously on edge and completely engaged: every day is special.

In 2013, you won the KJDA, international design contest. You were chosen from more than 700 participants. Five years later, what did that experience leave you?

Great conviction of my skills. In this trade, there is a strong competition. From this award I learned that being successful in your profession is not only beautiful but also possible.

Your works show that you handle several expert capacities such as creative thinking and vision and an ability to produce new ideas. What has been the most difficult project you have done?

A job for a private client for de Grisogono. It required to produce thirty full color paintings. I worked tirelessly until we developed and finalized the whole selection. It has been a special full immersion project that concretized in an exuberant new collection.

What do you consider to be the most special moment of your profession?

Definitely when you see the final product in your hands, after weeks or sometimes months of work and dozens of meetings.

What are the phases which most highlight your skills?

The very first phase. When a brand asks me to voice my first ideas and then my initial vision turns into their next collection.

De Grisogono, W.Britt, Kwiat / Fred Leighton, Julius Klein Group, in your portfolio, show that you have worked with world-class brands. What would you like the next step in your career to be?

To begin with I would like to continue these collaborations, offer them my creations, and follow their requests. In addition, I want to continue to spearhead new season’s upcoming collections make my skills and ideas available.

What is the aspect you love most about your job?

The fact that it is an ancient and unique profession but continually manages to evolve through new technologies.

Considering your distinguished abilities, what do you suggest are the necessary skills to start a career as a Jewelry Designer?

A career as a jewelry designer enables you to combine your creative talent and business skills with hands-on crafting ability. You need lots of passion for beauty and an enormous attention to detail.

Are diamonds your best friend?

I love them. And they love me!

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