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The Remembrance Park (Parque de la memoria) is a public space situated in front of the Río de la Plata estuary in the northern end of the Belgrano section of Buenos Aires. It is a memorial to the victims of the military regime, known as the National Reorganization Process, during the Dirty War, a period of unprecedented state-sponsored violence in Argentina. The origin of memorial park came from human rights organisations and the government of Buenos Aires approved the park's construction on July 21, 1998, its official name is monument to the victims of state sponsored terrorism. Memory Park commemorates the victims of Argentina’s military dictatorship, tens of thousands of people died and disappeared under governmental terrorism and dictatorship.

The memorial park of Buenos Aires in Argentina was designed to cut into the landscape like an open wound, representing the lives lost during this violent act of Argentina’s history. The park is well build with full of arts which makes it look beautiful the government of Argentina did everything they could to make the memorable place adorable with beautiful sculptures and drawings, the park has eighteen different sculptures around and the primary monument which has names of thousands of victims engraved on plaques, while there is some of other thousands empty plaques signifies the people that disappeared during that time.

This is a monument to the victims of all people disappeared around the years of State's terrorism in Argentina, according to written down history some of the victims were taken up in flights and dropped into the ocean, and never to be seen again, there is a sculpture located on ocean showing a man walking on water, which represents the young victims who lost and died in the ocean, stories been told by the young survivors whom their parents were victims of the terror, from their own experience and loss of their parents what they had experience was so terrifying, what governments are capable of and mostly without punishment. It is in a lovely setting and is somewhat similar to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC. Definitely worth seeing to remember what humans can do to each other!

Very interesting memorial to the citizens of Buenos Aires who disappeared during the sketchy political past of the country, this monument to the victims of all people disappeared around the years of State's terrorism in Argentina, whose names appear in 4 walls with their age. Impressive demonstration of how a few "motherland saviours" (mainly military with some civil support) can massacre 30,000 of their citizens in the name of a political cause. All the horror and the fear experienced in these years by their families and fellow countrymen are showed here, also illustrating some similar examples in other bordering countries, and giving clear account of how all this could happen and its consequences, combining art eight huge sculptures and temporary exhibitions in the main building and recreation as this is a place where many people come during the weekend for a stroll or a rest in the huge prairies that house this impressive monument. By the Río de la Plata, where many of these victims were sent to their death. This horror NEVER MORE can be repeated. This place is fundamental to remember what happened. It is a very peace-full place.

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