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For The Love of Public Art - The Red Rose

Henry Ward Beecher said “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures”. True. It is therefore wise and pretty much safe to say that any piece of art work is created from within an artist’s soul, with hidden purposes that would be reflected from the piece later on.

Nature, how do you find nature? Beautiful, I suppose so. And when you think of plants, what crosses your mind? Let's be more specific. How do you find flowers, and not just any flowers, roses? The beauty of roses can take your breath away.

Now, roses have come a long way with quite a history. Back in the days till today, they have been carrying a very significant meaning into people's life. We love roses, all roses, but especially red roses.

Red roses carry a sense of passion and love. In fact the color ‘red’, is a high energy color that automatically, without too much effort creates passion. (No wonder our streets are ever painted red, when February the month of Love - just before Valentine's Day). Red roses are used to put more emphasis on an already existing relationship. Reason behind? As a matter of fact the color ‘red ‘is also used in magical rituals that are related to the fertility. And of course, red roses are symbol of beauty.

But just how long do roses last? Not so long.

A rose can last just only a few hours out of water. Its time frame is very much affected by environmental conditions such as the heat. Some roses will last probably for one week with proper care. How long your roses last also depends on the type of rose, the health of the plant it was cut from and many other factors. But the bitter truth is, that your fresh roses will definitely not last forever. However, I have some good news too.

Residents in Manhattan, NY have been blessed with a beautiful piece of artwork, a sculpture by contemporary German artist Isa Genzken. The artist created a 26 - foot - tall red rose sculpture made from painted steel. Yes, a red rose sculpture. On September 16th 2018, the named ‘Rose III’ rose, was unveiled on the seventh anniversary of Occupy Wall Street's takeover of Zuccotti Park, privately owned by Brookfield Properties. Rose III which weighs in at 1,000 pounds is a long – term loan to Brookfield properties.

The talented artist Genzken can be said to be quite a deal - the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) presented her artworks during the 23rd November 2013 to March 2014 exhibition.

Genzken who’s primary media are sculpture and installations, using a wide variety of materials from plaster, wood and textile to concrete, can also be said to have a ‘thing’ for big rose sculptures.

Her first ‘Rose’, which was executed in the 1990s, is placed on permanent view at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. ‘Rose II’, which was completed in 2007, is installed at the New Museum of Modern Art. ‘The Orchids’ which is another of her works, is installed in the Doris C Freedman Plaza in Central Park, New York.

The curator and organizer of the ‘rose’, Laura Hoptman said that “Over almost 40 years, Genzken has pursued a brave and radical vision for a public art created for, and in tune with, its environment”.

So if you take a look at a rose, see the soft tender petals and leaves, with its stems and thorns of course, you can get a deeper understanding to what a rose actually is. That sculpture ‘Rose III’, has been created in honor of a city that is loved for its unity, equality as well as its beauty.

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