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Fictional films got most of us watching parties of funny characters, from weird human-like creatures, to plants and animals. Imagine watching flowers parting, and how about animals, like those pretty kittens you’d so much want to own, having a bomb party. Growing up, I loved watching Tom and Jerry, an American animated series of short films created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in the 1940s. In one of those short films, I remember a scene of Jerry who is a mouse, hosting a house party that somehow gets on the nerves of Tom, who is a cat. The two appear to be having the “usual” cat and mouse chase with Tom trying to get Jerry, and the party stopped. Now far from such characters which are becoming cliché as days pass, have you ever thought of having ‘color’ party? Crazy right? But yes, you can actually have color party.

The City of New York had a number of colors streaming this past summer as the Color Factory opened on August 20th this year, at 251 Spring street, in Soho.

The colorful exhibition is set to blow one’s mind with its level of creativity. The colors which will be used are said to be a reflection of the city’s beauty from all its corners.

The Color factory was began in San Francisco last year with the intention of lasting for a month, but due to its popularity and fame, the exhibition lasted for a period of 8 months. The New York exhibition will be the second palette of the Color Factory.

Color Factory collaborates with an incredibly talented roster of artists, illustrators, designers for a celebration of color and creativity. The installations carry the theme “inspired by the colors of the city”. Art lovers who will get a view of the Color Factory are expected can make use of an ombre floating balloon room, a room where it is possible to discover your secret favorite color.

Last year’s exhibition in San Francisco, the Color Factory had rooms which showcased artist’s art work using different colors and meanings. Oakland based artist, Tosha Stimage’s Art was showcased in an orange colored-room. Using her words, “We see each other and see color. Orange can be used in place of a fruit, which is a physical thing, it can also be used as flavor, where one associates with the fruit, but with an explanation, in this sense, Orange has been used to examine the comparison for ‘black identity’"

Green Coloring Room was made available for the visitors to get to color its walls, using huge green coloring pencils.

Before New York’s Color Factory opened this past August there was the opportunity to visit ‘Manhattan Color Walk’ which was the Color Factory’s free installation located in the garden of cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian design museum.

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