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Q Train Bombed With Graffiti

There are different forms of art, and each artist has his own purpose for creating an art work, usually with a history behind the performing skills. And just like author Thomas Fuller once said, “It is the skill, not strength that governs a ship”. True. A painter uses his brush and other necessary materials to bring about the existence of a painting. An amazing piece of artwork. But without the skills, the painting will not be said to be exquisite, not because it will not be beautiful, but because it will not exist in the first place. Now, what happens when we use the “wrong” kind of canvas for our paintings? Wrong in quotes, because people have different opinions on literally everything. When we practice this form of art – Graffiti Art. Also known as “Wild Style” of “Throw up”.

Graffiti Art is dated back in the 60’s. In New York City, this form of art was introduced by “Topcat-126” in 1970. It is said that he copied this style of art from the first graffiti writers “Cornbread” and “Cool Earl”, who are origins of Philadelphia. His signature was his nickname and his street number. Others artists too took up this form of art, where they would write on trains and subway cars. But as much as the main goal was to have their signatures seen in so many places, this form of art was seen as illegal.

And as much as Graffiti Art was majorly male dominated, few females too per-took part in it. With time, many artists were performing this form of art and it became more sophisticated with use of paint and not just black markers.

Artist Herbet Murrie said that “Chance has two meanings; in English it can mean accident or hazard and in French "avoir de la chance" which means to be lucky.” It can never be by bad lack luck to produce art, however it could be hazard if done “illegally”. The question that lingers mostly on graffiti artists lies in here between, will art be produced just by accident or by luck of chance?

Far from that, and back to NYC, a Q train at the Second Avenue subway was found covered in graffiti. It is said that over the weekend of the November’s 2nd week. The train was painted overnight with yet to be identified tagger(s) while it was parked off the platform near the 96th Street Station. This is in accordance to the photos that were posted by the Progressive Action Group on their Facebook page, showing the train to be colorfully painted. The Train’s conductor, Tramell Thompson, who also runs the Progressive Action Page said that the tagger(s) might have gotten to the train during the night. And the fact that such was able to happen, then there are chances that anything else can take place. “If they can go back there and have the time to do all of that graffiti, they have time to do something to the train”.

So far, the MTA officials have not given any comments regarding the incident.

As artists have moved to more legitimate gallery art careers, it is what it is, graffiti art will still be in existence. Art lovers would have different opinions on graffiti art. But art is just art. Is graffiti art wrong, is it perhaps okay and should be allowed? Because truth be told, graffiti art is just as beautiful as any other form of art.

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