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Another Symbol of Love, Another Reason to Visit Paris - Installed the Coeur de Paris

Paris is a loveable city which many of us would love to visit at least once in a lifetime. Worldly known as the ‘City of Love and Romance’, Paris offers a lot not only to its residents but the visitors as well. But why is Paris so famously referred to as the city of Love and Romance?

Well, one of the reasons is ‘Coeur de Paris’ – The Most Recent Symbol of Love.

While the world was busy buying and exchanging Valentine gifts, the Parisians were receiving a dazzling heart-shaped sculpture.

(Coeur de Paris) Heart of Paris as named, can be used as a perfect illustration to tell our loved ones how much “our hearts literally for them”. Covered with LEDs and ceramic, the creation of Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos contains lights which turn on and off to the rhythm of a heartbeat.

Photo Courtesy : Joséphine Brueder/Ville de Paris,Coeur de Paris by Joana Vasconcelos

The sculpture which was inaugurated by the mayor for culture Christophe Girard, on the night of this year’s Valentine’s Day comprises of 4000 tiles, produced and painted manually at the Viúva Lamego in Lisbon. Artist Vasconcelos was chosen by a group of residents on the 18th arrondissement of Paris to create the sculpture.

Alias ‘You Spin My Heart Right Round’, Heart of Paris will serve as a beam of hope to its residents due to its phenomenal nature. The sculpture is installed at the Porte de Clingacourt (XVII).

Some other reason to why the city is known as the City of Love and Romance:

-These words “I love you”

The words ‘I love you’, are written in 311 different languages in Paris, on the Hill of Montmartre. The hill is obviously a perfect place for a romantic date to say “I love you” as many times as possible.

-The Eiffel Tower

Yearly, thousands of engagements are made at this tower. The 20,000 lights twinkle for 5 minutes on the hour making it one of the most romantic locations. The tower gives an impressive view of the city from the top which is used by many professional photographers that can capture all the gorgeous landscapes of Paris.

Photo Courtesy : Shutterstock , Eiffel Tower.

-The beauty

With the grand, Georges Haussman-designed central Paris, as well as the charming cobbled streets of Montmartre and the Marais, Paris cannot cease to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

-The French Language

French is referred to as a romance language, also dubbed ‘the language of love worldwide.

-The lights

The lights in the city keep it alive every night.Each passing day after sunset, the city of love ‘stays woke’ all thanks to the obscure lights that together illuminate all the alleys full of lovers.

-The French Cuisine

France is a paradise for anyone that likes good food and values refined taste. The City of Paris, is a great place to go out for a date.

Photo Courtesy : DepositPhotos

So, it would be lovely to make some time and have a taste of Paris.

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