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Experience Lady Liberty’s history of Freedom at the Statue of Liberty Museum

Freedom as a societal theme, has been an ongoing discussion and debate for Centuries to date, as many individuals, different groups and organizations fight for freedom basing on different factors. Well 2019, has created more history on Freedom in regards to a worldwide iconic figure, Lady of Liberty by opening the Statue of Liberty Museum.

The Statue of Liberty Museum, which is located on Liberty Island in NYC, was officially opened on the 16th of May 2019. Its main focus is on providing a public platform, where its guests will have a clear understanding of the Lady Liberty’s creation, meaning and history.

To experience an educate history of the Statue of Liberty, the museum consists of three gallery spaces:

Immersive Theatre

Here, the visitors get to watch an approximately 8-10 minutes video, revealing the Statue’s history and the ideals she represents.

The Engagement Gallery

Visitors experience the statue’s creation process by French Sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. They are able to explore what took place in the sculptor’s warehouse as he worked on the Statue.

The Inspiration Gallery

Here, guests are invited to reflect on the experience they have had in the museum and also have an up-close view of the Statue’s original torch.

The museum was funded privately by Diane von Fürstenberg, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, Coca-Cola, NBC Universal, the family of Laurence Tisch and Preston Robert Tisch, Mellody Hobson, and George Lucas. Its construction was started early October 2016.

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