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Life Framer monthly celebration of Creative Photography

At your cameras, photographers from all over the world, because there is something going on:

Life Framer - a creative network and an independent community that promotes and champions creative culture on and off line - across 6 years of past editions, has presented the work of artists in three photo books and exhibitions in London, Tokyo, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Milan, Switzerland and at Arles Photo Festival.

And there is an an open call with deadline on April 30, 2020.

FIRST PRIZE from the past edition – The face of the Earth, copyright: EVAN HANCOCK

Unlike last and next month edition, this time there’s no explicit theme: you'll have the freedom to inspire them with your photography, no matter the style, subject matter or genre. Landscapes, portraits, reportage, conceptual, personal documentary, travel… From spontaneous street moments to meticulous studio set-ups – show us your technique, vision and creativity.

The Judge will be the overwhelmingly famous Martin Parr ( widely celebrated for his satirical view on modern life, photographing subjects such as mass tourism and global consumerism), and you are getting the possibility to have one of your works passing through his hands.

Life Framer is a photography award that sources and showcases outstanding work from amateur to established artists. Every Edition the network runs 12 monthly call for entries, each overseen by a world-renowned photographer or industry professional.

WINNING IMAGE from the past edition – The face of the Earth, copyright: YOUSSEF MELLOUKI

Each month winning photographers receive feedback, online exposure and $2,000 in cash prizes, and at the end of each Edition the winners are exhibited in curated shows at gallery spaces in New York, Milan and Tokyo, and at Arles Photo Festival.

On the website they claim exceptional exposure, from ClampArt Gallery in New York, Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery in Tokyo, the Officine Fotografiche in Milan, and landing to the Arles Photo Festival.

A unique photography competition and a renowned platform for discovering and exhibiting contemporary photography. Gain widespread exposure, your work exhibited around the world, and win cash prizes along the way. Judges in the past editions were personnality of the caliber of Philip-Lorca di Corcia, Marion Tandé (Photography department manager at MoMA), Bruce Gilden, Amy Kellner (Associate Photo Editor at NYT), Joachim Ladefoged, Emma Lewis (Curator at the Tate Modern), and Alex Prager.

WINNING IMAGE from the past edition – The face of the Earth, copyright: FEDERICO BORELLA

All photographers are welcome to take part and the theme can be responded to playfully, or to the letter, being sure about the ownership of your works, "there’s no rights-grabbing: photographers retain full and exclusive rights to their work", as they claim in the website.

If you have nothing ready to submit on April 30th, just consider the two next editions:

31 May 2020: COLORS

Life is a stream of color. Red, blue, yellow, and a billion pigments in between! We are looking for color-inspired photographs…literally and figuratively. A scene, a detail, a narrative or mood. A single tone or a technicolor daydream.

Urban street scenes, portraits, travel adventures, landscapes, editorial, conceptual, still life… Color our lives. The judge will be Marion Tandé (MoMA)

30 June 2020: YOUTHHOOD

We don’t arrive fully formed. From birth to toddler to child, teen and pre-adult – life is an exploration and we’re molded in our youth. Dreams, fears, freedom, experimentation, play… The theme is as broad as you want it to be. The only limitation is to capture a scene or a detail that shows habits, experiences or behavior of the young.

Portraiture, studio, candid, conceptual, documentary, street. All genres welcome. Show us youthhood, from any perspective! The judge will be Greg Miller.

2nd PRICE IMAGE from the past edition – The face of the Earth, copyright: SAMUEL MESSER

No excuses then not to try to win!


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