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Creativity and Co-Vid: Indiewalls Campaign

Hospital employees posing with a thank you card, courtesy of Indiewalls

I may perhaps be an incurable romantic and an unpunished optimistic, (this must be part of my Italian blood and culture), but I’m always very happy to share good news, especially during this storm of pessimism that invades us from everywhere: from television to radio, to social media, to our very eyes that we often choose not to believe.

The redaction has recently been contacted by Indiewalls a NYC-based small business which supports the careers of 3,500+ independent artists by connecting them to sales and commission opportunities in the corporate design setting.

Banner designed by artist C. Finley, courtesy of Indiewalls

Indiewalls started a campaign last month (#GiveASign) to support New York local medical teams and other essential workers by instituting a crowdfunding campaign, where they collaborate with independent artists to design encouraging Thank You banners and install them outside of NYC hospitals.

For each banner installed, Indiewalls also donates 300 prints of the artwork to employees of the hospital to help them bring the positivism home.

Each billboard is crowd sourced from generous donations by dozens of supporters nationwide, and helps support artists who are combating loss of work due to Covid.

Every dollar brings them closer to their next banner.

So far, 4 banners and print editions have been completed, with 2 more in the works. They are currently installed at NYU Tisch Hospital (artist Valero Doval, @valerodoval), Lenox Hill (artist

Steffi Lynn, @haveanicedayy_), Mount Sinai (artist C. Finley, @iamfinley), and Weill Cornell (artist Mike Perry, @mikeperrystudio).

The goal is to spread joy to the hardest working members of the New York community, while also financially supporting artists in need.

Banner designed by artist Steffi Lynn, courtesy of Indiewalls

Banner designed by artist Mike Perry, courtesy of Indiewalls

Want to get involved? Check out the link in @Indiewalls profile to learn more, donate, or just spread the hashtags on your socials:

Thank you card designed by artist Valero Doval, courtesy of Indiewalls

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