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Art Galleries for Rainy Days in NYC

We’ve all been there. There are those days when you’re longing for relief from the cloudy skies, something exciting to chase away the rainy day blues. We feel you! New York is rife with opportunities to see a splash of color, from its streets to museums to galleries. Here are but a handful of art galleries located in the Big Apple to bring some life back to your rainy day!

The monochrome ball pit.Courtesy Color Factory

Looking for something zany to counter the dreariness of a dark day? Color Factory is an art gallery every bit as fun as it sounds! Color Factory could best be described as having an experimental style, with exhibits like you’ve never seen. The gallery features an infographic you can walk through to find your “secret color,” ombre floating balloons, a ball pit to release your inner child, a lit dance floor, and an impressive ballroom, among other exhibits the Color Factory’s calls “installations.” Color Factory is just extra enough to make even the worst day memorable! You’ll find it best to plan a couple of hours to check everything out.

"P1000276" by swedennewyork is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

If groundbreaking photography is your thing, this is sure to satisfy your tastes! Fotografiska New York markets itself as “anything but an ordinary museum,” and it’s easy to see why! New York City’s Fotografiska (a Swedish word meaning “Photographic”) seeks to create a more aware world through photography, and its mission has been accomplished in so many ways-and locations. Fotografiska began in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010 and opened an offshoot in New York City. A wise choice given the Big Apple’s already bustling and innovative art scene. This location has been a welcome addition, boasting a six-story building in the Flatiron District open Wednesday through Sunday, 11 am – 9 pm. Expect to have your heart moved, wrenched, and transformed through a wide array of art from around the world, a great dining and music scene, cultural programming, and retail. You won’t come back the same!

"Artechouse" by vpickering is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Do you like digital art and innovative uses to technology to create aesthetics? Artechouse New York is best described as a sensory mind trip. Just as fascinating as the exhibits in Artechouse New York is its history. This gallery began its journey in a site that was previously a boiler room under Chelsea Market. Its exhibitions are renowned as masterpieces in technological art, using technology to create beautiful works of art. This gallery boasts of a digital art space and Hyperreal Sound technology. This is a gallery that can please both art and science lovers with its seamless and intricate marriage of the two. Check out the latest exhibit, Intangible Forms by Shohei Fujimoto, helping to brighten up Artechouse New York’s reopening! In-person and online tours are available!

"Henry Moore, 'Large Late Forms,' delivery to the Gagosian Gallery" by Medieval Karl is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Are you ready to see the world in a completely new way? Gagosian Gallery is another must-see spot on your rainy day art gallery tour! Gagosian is the place for edgy, statement-making pieces that are not afraid of challenging social boundaries. The gallery hosts exhibits, tours, auctions, performances, online readings, speakers, and panel discussions. Gagosian has taken its message across the nation and internationally with locations across New York, California, London, Paris, Geneva, Basel, Rome, Athens, and Hong Kong. It’s easy to see why! Gagosian offers plenty to do and see to keep you busy on a rainy day, even if you happen to be traveling near one of its other locations!

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