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5 Art Fairs to Kick off Fall in New York

The Armory Show - 8 - 10 SEPTEMBER 2023

The Armory Show is one of the largest art fairs in New York and the world. Its 2023 edition will be no exception as it plans to showcase over 225 of the world's leading galleries. From the 8th to the 10th of September, go and enjoy the work of some of the most captivating artists of our time. From London's Victoria Miro Gallery to Belgium's Gallery Zeno X, you are able to view internationally acclaimed contemporary and modern art. More than 40 exhibitors will be taking part for the first time including Nina Johnson and Galeria Marilia Razuk. The Armory Show is a great example of New York's evolving art market and a pioneer in supporting international art exchange.

Affordable Art Fair - 20 - 24 SEPTEMBER 2023

From the 20th to the 24th of September, Affordable Art Fair welcomes you to an inspiring and engaging atmosphere to view a variety of contemporary artworks. From paintings, sculptures, and photographs to prints there will be something for every taste. Over 400 local and international artists in different artistic careers will showcase their works in this exciting Chelsea location.

Clio Art Fair - 7 - 10 SEPTEMBER 2023

CLIO ART FAIR is a curated fair born with the challenge to launch independent artists and showcase the careers and achievements of already affirmed creative minds. By specifically targeting artists without any exclusive NYC gallery representation, CLIO ART FAIR focuses its attention on the kinds of contemporary art and interventions that are being created by independent artists all over the world.

Without the constraints and usual concerns of the art business, these artists have been freed up to use different materials and media and to deviate from accepted art practice definitions. The resulting work being exhibited seeks to foster a dialogue that transcends prescribed geographies, hierarchies, and markets; and to further opportunities for greater expression of new media and ever-ground-breaking content.

Art on Paper - 7 - 10 SEPTEMBER 2023

Art on Paper is a medium-driven art fair that will return to Manhattan's Pier 36 this fall. Over 100 galleries will feature their paper-based artwork during this fair's ninth edition. Performances highlighting the limits of paper will be happening throughout the event. This event is an imaginative and unique display of how artists can push the boundaries of any creative field.

Spring/Break Art Show - 7 - 11 SEPTEMBER 2023

This year marks the 12-year anniversary of SPRING/BREAK. This fall the art show is returning with the theme of WILD CARD. Artists exhibiting were invited to submit work that falls under this inspirational theme and visitors will be offered "required" reading to help them follow along with the exhibition.

SPRING/BREAK challenges the traditional landscape of the art market as it showcases emerging and established artists. All artwork in the show will be available to purchase in this low-cost entry exhibit that welcomes a wide audience to its New York exhibition space.


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