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5 Sculptures on Art Dealer Street

Article by Caroline Haller

Sculptures, or pieces of 3D art, are a unique medium of art that allows artists to experiment in ways 2D art does not! Today, I am featuring five sculptures on Art Dealer Street from five very talented artists! Of these sculptures, two are representations of animals and three of the human body! The sculptures in this collection represent a wide range of materials an artist can work with, from bronze to ceramic or steel to glass. Additionally, some of these sculptures are playful and whimsical and some are monumental and powerful, but they are all meaningful and display extreme attention to detail. If you’ve got a corner of your living room that could use an interesting conversation starter, then this list is for you! Below you’ll find five sculptures that are definitely worth seeing in person!

1. We do not grow old by Zakir Ahmedov

Contemporary sculptor Zakir Ahmedov was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and his lifelike bronzes show figures in movement. We do not grow old is a fantastic example. The bronze sculpture of an older woman and man dancing was created in 2019. This beautiful bronze encapsulates the glee of dancing just because you can. In a realistic style, Ahmedov captures this moment frozen in time.

2. Sleeping Rhinoceros by Austen Pinkerton

Austen Pinkerton is from North-West, London. Pinkerton creates art in all types of mediums including pencil and ink, acrylic and oil, painting and sculpture. Pinkerton pulls from nature for his landscapes, animals, and floral subjects. Showing a meticulous eye for detail, Pinkerton’s 2010 sculpture Sleeping Rhinoceros is a one-of-a-kind, life-like ceramic sculpture!

3. Madonna by Igor Grechanyk

Ukrainian artist Igor Grechanyk is known for his monumental steel sculptures. His sculptures often encompass mystical tenants or mythological subjects and are imbued with beauty and spirituality. Madonna was exhibited at the Central House of Artists in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2022.

Grechanyk has completed public works projects and has recently branched into 2D art as well. In this case, there are two 2D pieces on the wall behind the Madonna sculpture that are derivatives of the sculpture.

4. Pochatok by Raisa Nosova

American multi-media artist Raisa Nosova lives and works in Hoboken, New Jersey, where she creates her glass sculptures like Pochatok. Nosova began creating these glass sculptures for her series Under her Skin in 2019. Pochatok is a transparent glass sculpture depicting a leaking breast and commenting on the challenges of breastfeeding and motherhood.

5. Maitresse du Nuit by Jane Claire

French artist Jane Claire created this quirky and whimsical sculpture out of cardboard, ceramic, paper, and stainless steel. After creating this fun piece, she decorated the sculpture with long eyelashes and whiskers, paint, crystals, rhinestones and gold leaf. Additionally, Claire has oxidized the figure’s cloak to create a magical effect. Maitresse de Nuit holds a magic wand, ready to grant your wish!


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