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5 Works of Art to Swoon Over

There are so many facets to art and so many reasons you may or may not like a piece of art. You may be drawn aesthetically to a piece of art, or you may value the art for its symbolism. Sometimes a piece of art appeals to you for the way it makes you feel emotionally or has a deep connection to something in your life. For me it is a mixture of all of these things that makes a piece of art worthwhile. I am typically drawn to a piece of art based on aesthetics, however once I hear its story, I am bought in.

Today these 5 artworks don’t necessarily match a specific theme except for the fact that I love them! In each of these, I’ve found something I was drawn to. The artists in this curatorial selection come from various backgrounds but are all hugely talented. They are Britta Ortiz, Marlene Llanes, Wael Darweish, Ivana Urso and Ritchard Rodriguez.

Read on to find out which 5 artworks from Art Dealer St I chose to showcase today and would love to own! You can buy them all on Art Dealer St!

1. Today’s Toys by Britta Ortiz

Britta Ortiz creates her linoleum cut prints on watercolor paper. Ortiz, an artist from Denmark, considers the impact of things on today’s society. Today’s Toys is one of only five copies printed in 2021. It is featured in art books including ATIM Top 60 Masters.

Why I Like it: This monochrome print is initially attractive, and I relate to it a lot. However, the larger theme that unfolds when the viewer considers the title. This young woman plays with her iPhone like a child from an older age might have played with blocks.

2. An Invitation (Surreal Landscape with Cloud and Chair) by Marlene Llanes

Marlene Llanes is an American artist who resides in Texas. Llanes art is surreal in nature. Pulling elements from real life into surrealistic landscapes, Llanes’s art is an invitation to connect with nature and with the meaning of our own existence. Llanes painted this oil on canvas in 2022.

Why I like it: An Invitation (Surreal Landscape with Cloud and Chair) is just that, an invitation to come and sit, to consider nature and to be a part of this calm canvas. The colors and simplicity of the canvas make it aesthetically appealing and the invitation to consider our own existence makes it more than just a pretty canvas.

3. Frozen Heart by Wael Darweish

Wael Darweish is an Egyptian artist who painted this acrylic on canvas in 2022. Frozen Heart contains studies of realistic objects against an abstracted background. Darweish’s art often responds to the cultural, social and economic problems of contemporary society.

Why I like it: This neo-expressionist and colorful canvas combines elements I love like music, reading and nature, with bold colors. It is initially a fun, visually pleasing canvas, but has so much more under the surface.

4. Emozioni Lunari by Ivana Urso

Ivana Urso is an Italian multi-media artist whose work is certainly unique. In 2019, Urso created this mixed media sculpture on canvas with acrylic colors and a 3D relief. Emozioni Lunari was exhibited in Venice at the Venice Art Gallery.

Why I like it: The sensual aspect of the flowing fabric is visually enticing. However, when you learn it is not made of real fabric, it is even more appealing. The blue, purple and gold ooze luxury and achieving this level of elegance was definitely not easy.

5. Fear of Ignorance by Ritchard Rodriguez

Gestural based abstract artist Ritchard Rodriguez is based in Miami, Florida. However, The influence of his early days in New York City is evident in his canvas. Fear of Ignorance is an oil on canvas painting from 2018 that is influenced by the New York abstract expressionists of the 1950s, such as Willem de Kooning.

Why I like it: The simplicity of the abstract lines is overridden by the movement in the brushstrokes. How intricate was the dance that created this piece? You can image Rodriguez’s hand drifting over the canvas. It is as if you are seeing the dance itself take place as you gaze as the black, cobalt blue and bright yellow strokes set against a white background.


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