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Are you looking for a stimulating artistic experience, which will take your artistic path to a new direction?

Do you need a space for focus and creative reflection?

We have collected for you some of the best US-based residencies available to international artists of all kind.

Go check them all out!

Taleamor Park Solo and Duo Residencies

Taleamor Park is located in the scenic Countryside near Chicago and Lake Michingan. It organizes residencies for site-specific installations and writing, as well as eco-artistic projects, meditative walking, and plein air as well as studio painting.

Residencies are from 2 to 6 weeks long and they are open to artists from all over the world, working with all kinds of media. Artists will benefit from a contemplative and inspiring environment, where they can focus on their own work as well as personal projects.

For this year, Taleamor Park residencies will host from 1 to 2 artists only.

Application deadline: March 15, 2022

Application info available here

Carving Studio & Sculpture Center Artists in Residence

The Carving Studio and Sculpture Center offers unique sculpture and art education programs.

Through its residency programs, the Studio aims to develop a vibrant artists community, fostering creative learning and knowledge exchange.

Residencies are from 1 to 3 months long, welcoming applicants from all over the world, who will have to create works in stone, metal, ceramics, wood, glass and more.

Application deadline: March, 18, 2022

Application info available here

Rockland Residency: Fall 2022

Rockaland is a project aiming to provide artists with competitive work samples at any stage in their career.

The 3-week residency is locate in Rockland Woods (WA, USA) and it welcomes emerging and established artists (minimum 25 years old), being them writers, musicians, visual, performers, and more.

Application deadline: March 15, 2022

Application info available here

Sulfur Studios On::View Artist Residency

Sulfur Studio is a project developed by the no-profit organization “ARTS Southeast”, which aims to develop creative initiatives in support of artists as well as local communities of Savannah, the place where the studio is located. Indeed, among the main project’s objectives, is the promotion of the city as a cultural, artistic, and inclusive destination.

The ON::VIEW Artist Residency consists in a one-month project, in which artists will be asked to develop an art project that actively engages local communities.

Application deadline: April 15, 2022

Application info available here

KUNSTRAUM Artist-in-Residence Program 2022-2023

KUNSTRAUM is an artists-run community whose aims is to explore and redefine the collaborative relationship between artists and curators. Through the opening exhibition spaces, new, unconventional and creative ideas comes to life.

KUNSTRAUK welcomes artists, architects, curators, designers, filmmakers, and writers. Its three-months long residencies provides artists with networking and research opportunities, also stimulating the development of innovative artistic production.

Application deadline: April 15, 2022

Application info available here

Hambidge Center’ Artist Residencies

The Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences, located in Rabun Gap (Georgia), is of the first artist communities in the U.S. It offers residency programs for artists, helping them in finding innovative ways to express their creative selves, contributing to their professional and artistic growth.

The residency is open to emerging as well as established artists, who are willing to undertake an artistic experience in which they could focus on their individual work as well as exchange visions and ideas with other people.

Application deadline: Recurring April 15, 2022; September 15, 2022; January 15, 2023

Application info available here


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