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Call to Artists: London Art Biennale 2021

London is globally known as one of the most important art capitals of the world and many important art events take place in this city.

The London Art Biennale has been described by Lonnie Schlein, Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times photo editor for over 35 years, as “the second most important curated Art Biennale after Venice”. The London Art Biennale is a museum-quality award exhibition curated by Gagliardi Gallery in conjunction with the International Confederation of Art Critics and the Chianciano Art Museum. The exhibition, hosted at the historic Chelsea Old Town Hall, focuses on painting, works on paper, sculpture, applied arts, and digital art and gives to several artists the opportunity to be viewed by an international audience. Galleries, critics, and collectors will be able to see and appreciate artworks from all over the world, from Australia to the USA, from Norway to Italy with different cultures, styles, ideas, and artistic expressions that represent the art world in its global entirety. To give the best possible experience and let art shine, the Biennale is professionally curated by international Museum and gallery professionals who aim to give the viewer a stimulating yet coherent experience.

Chelsea Old Town Hall via

Another important aspect of the London Art Biennale is its involvement with charity causes. In fact, one of its traditions is to help people in need. Tens of thousands of pounds have been raised and donated to Rotary International’s “End Polio Now” Charity, the Salvation Army, London’s Air Ambulance and Age UK. The charity cheques were presented by the Mayors of Kensington and Chelsea; Councillor Christopher Buckmaster in 2013; Councillor Mrs. Maighread Condon-Simmonds in 2015; and Councillor Elizabeth Rutherford in 2017 and Cllr. Will Pascall in 2019. Even artworks by artists such as Andy Warhol, Pietro Annigoni and Jose Van Roy Dali as well as a new Fiat 500 car have been donated over the years to raise funds for good causes.

The 2019 edition was inaugurated by a member of the Royal Family, Lady Sophie Windsor, a person of exceptional creativity, talent, and artistic sensitivity who is the perfect ambassador of the Biennale.

Lady Sophie Windsor inaugurates the Biennale 2019 via

The London Art Biennale is now currently taking applications for the upcoming 2021 exhibition, where they will have the chance to win numerous awards including monetary prizes. The prizes for the 2021 London Art Biennale are:

  • £5,000 GBP London Art Biennale Award;

  • £1,500 GBP London Art Biennale Award for Painting;

  • £1,500 GBP London Art Biennale Award for Sculpture;

  • £1,500 GBP London Art Biennale Award for Works on Paper;

  • £1,500 GBP London Art Biennale Awards for Digital Work;

  • 25 artists to be selected for a 10 day exhibition at Gagliardi Gallery in London;

  • 25 artists to be selected for month-long group show at the Chianciano Art Museum, Italy;

  • 25 artists to be selected for a month-long group show in the art galleries surrounding the 12th Century Piazza of Chianciano Terme, Italy;

  • 5 artists receive a week’s stay in a suite in Tuscany at the Art Club Boutique hotel with a private studio to create art and work;

  • Art Critique by the International Confederation of Art Critics for 5 artists.

Moreover, with artists permission, the Biennale may publish artwork images on their official social media and printed catalogue. During the Biennale, prices and information about the artworks will be available with the London Biennale staff who will provide professional and experienced sales staff.

London Art Biennale via

The 5th edition of the London Art Biennale 2021 is taking place 30th June - 4th July 2021. The Official Inauguration will take place on the 30th June by invitations only, and the exhibition will be open to the public on free entry on all other days until the 4th July.

Artists can apply on the London Biennale official website ( Their application will be examined by the London Art Biennale Selection committee, and approximately 400-500 artists will be selected and invited to attend the Biennale inauguration.


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