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CLIO ART FAIR: The Show Goes On

Art has been present since the dawn of times and still does during the global pandemic we are living in 2020. Despite self-isolation, the health threat, the economic crisis, and social revolution, art has nonetheless been flourishing. Artists all over the world have been inspired by the uniqueness of the moment and strengthened the links between artistic creation and society. Once again, art has shown its social implication by sending positive messages of hope and optimism as well as assuming a more informative and political role by educating people about the virus.

Opening night at Clio Art Fair October 2019 in Chelsea. Copyright by Clio Art Fair.

Art is strong, passionate, resilient and so is ClioArt Fair. Staying true to its Greek etymology (κλέω/κλείω meaning “to recount,” “to celebrate,” or “to make famous”), Clio Art Fair wants to celebrate art more than ever and, to do that, decided to extend its borders. In June (11-20) ClioArt Fair arrives in Venice, La Serenissima. While the health crisis has forced many contemporary art fairs to postpone or cancel their spring editions, Clio Art Fair thinks that despite the risks of showing, there’s no other option but to start up again. Following strict guidelines to guarantee a safe and healthy environment both for artists and the public, in June 2021 independent artists will be able again to make their voices heard and spread their messages of creativity, positivity, and hope. In Italy, the cradle of art and culture, ClioArt Fair will showcase artists without a gallery representation and empower them to become aware of their own creative and commercial potential.

Organizing a brand new fair in Venice during a pandemic crisis is already extreme but could ClioArt Fair push the boundaries even more? Yes! What is even more surprising is that artists do not have to pay a fee to participate in the Venice event; or rather, they have until Monday, December 14th, 2020 to apply for free. After that date, they will be charged a $200 fee for the application and marketing campaign. ClioArt Fair has full confidence in the future of the art industry and its shows.

However, ClioArt Fair hasn’t forgotten its origins. In fact, its New York fair will take place in September (9-12) 2021 as usual. New York is the home of ClioArt Fair and ClioArt Fair could never leave it, especially during such a delicate time. For the past 6 years, ClioArt Fair has been present in the core of Manhattan and helped New Yorkers discover edgy independent artists, without any NYC galleries representation, allowing them to purchase unique contemporary artworks from all over the world.

Clio Art Fair, March 2020, Copyright by Vincent Roazzi

After a challenging end of 2020, 2021 is going to be a fresh start for the art industry and ClioArt, in its own way, is paying tribute to the solidarity shown by artists during the pandemic crisis and making its own contribution, not only for the artists and their work, but also for the art lovers all over the world, who miss the emotional connections that only an art fair can gift.

To apply, follow this link.


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