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Douglas Teiger’s “Spectrum” Is on Display at the TAG Gallery in Los Angeles

Spectrum Teiger Portrait 08 © Douglas Teiger

Architect, spiritual psychologist and oil painter Douglas Teiger’s latest art exhibition, known as “Spectrum,” is now showing at the Tag Gallery in Los Angeles. The painter’s exhibit, on display through May 8th, features an eight-by-forty foot row of tall panels representing the colors of the spectrum.

“Spectrum” is derived from the various energies and colors that make up the human experience. It represents the miracle of the universe. While each observer will view the spectrum as a whole, they will also have the chance to identify with one particular panel that draws them in based on how they feel in that current moment. This symbolizes where they are on their own personal Spectrum. Every individual will have a different experience and there is no right or wrong—we all move along the spectrum throughout our lives. “Spectrum” is a celebration of human nature and the beauty that exists within it.

Spectrum Teiger Portrait 02 © Douglas Teiger

I’m seeing a lot about how meditation helps you paint, can you tell me more about how the two things work together and what meditation does for you as an artist?

“My painting practice starts with meditation. During the meditation, I ask for Spirit’s assistance to co-create during this painting session. My intention is for my art to become a touchstone and a way of connecting people to the Spirit within themselves. I believe that I allow the energy of Spirit to consciously flow through me during the painting practice. The process is kind of like the zen saying that talks about the dancer becoming the dance. My understanding of this is that the dancer is connected with Spirit and no longer thinking about the steps. It is the same process when I paint - I am no longer thinking, I am moving with the paint. In addition, when I meditate, I see colors and typically work with the palette that is presented during my meditation. When I finish each painting session and walk out my studio door, I look back and say to myself ‘this is what flowed through me today,’ without judgement and in acknowledgment that this was a co-creative process with Spirit.”

You mention that each person is drawn to a different color in the spectrum. What color draws you in the most? Why?

I am laughing. This is like asking “who is your favorite child?” I love all color! I love playing with color. I love seeing how they interact. I love seeing how people react to color.”

Spectrum Teiger with viewer

How long had you been working onSpectrum” before it was complete, was the final result your original vision or did it become something different as you moved along?

“The entire process took about 7 months. It started with a conceptual idea that I wrote about. I then did mockups in photoshop, playing with the color band and laying out a general direction of what each panel would look like. My painting process is what I call controlled chaos. The control is the fact that I practiced the technique for years, yet the specific outcome is random. This reminds me of life.The final result was as I envisioned it. Even better! Playing with this scale was something I couldn’t see in my studio as I was only able to work on a few pieces at a time. Once the piece was hung as a whole in the gallery I stood back in awe and said ‘wow!’”

How does your degree in spiritual psychology influence your art and practice as a whole entity?

“My degree in Spiritual Psychology informs my life in all ways. It also informs my painting in that I am highly involved but not attached to the outcome. This ties into the concept of both controlled chaos and being the dance - I do my best to flow with what is.”

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