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Julia Ross and Drawing from the Spiritual Center

Inner peace is what Julia Ross strives for, and it’s a feeling that exists in the center of our hearts. It is this center that her paintings focus on, both metaphysical terms of feeling and in physical terms of the canvas itself.

Grounded in Meditation © Julia Ross

The image is an aura of light wrapped in the image of the hour glass. On the rightmost side of the image, the dark blue sky sits above a black horizon. On the leftmost side, yellows and greens and reds mix together in a blinding beauty. Darkness and beauty are separated by the center, a center with no clear ending or beginning, a center where colors intertwined as though brought together by the kindly brushing of the wind on a hot summer’s day. The painting draws the eye to its center so that the soul may find its own.

Julia Ross

As wind maps its intricate paths across oceans and fields, Julia Ross too has her made her own path in the art world. Born into a family of artists, painters, poets and sculptors, she studied Fine Arts at The University of Texas before venturing into advertising to build digital brands online. It was during this time that she began working on commissioned pieces, a practice that evolved into a full time career as an artist. Now, surrounded by art, Julia operates an art studio in her home and a gallery and, in addition to her own painting, she assists other artists in promotion of their work.

Despite her busy schedule, we are in luck. The way she takes a piece from the ethereal to instill the view with a sense of peace, Julia Ross has taken some time to be with us today and share her message.

Ascension in Meditation © Julia Ross

It’s been said that your paints have the appearance of spanning spiritual dimensions. What does that mean to you?

I believe we are here to gain a higher perspective, help others and grow spiritually. I believe there is a higher presence in the art studio when I am painting, which may enable me to communicate higher vibrations of energy through the artwork.

Your paintings feel as though they are moment in time yet are also timeless. What inspires you to paint like this?

I am inspired by an infinite source to create. I give all the credit to this higher source, and those I like to call my art angels.

Ocean Pathway to Zen © Julia Ross

Your inspiration comes from meditation and nature. Which came first? How do they connect?

Each day begins with meditation which brings me to a relaxed state to enable visions of nature, bringing back memories of travel and places I have yet to be.

Mediation immolates nature with images of land, trees, rivers, oceans, and figures with bright colors, inspired by another world. The aura of the paintings build upon the smooth flow of peace gained in meditation.

What in nature inspires you?

Most of my work is inspired by water. I work to immolate the bright colors seen in nature, such as flowers which are finding their way into my paintings. The flow of energy builds onto the canvas in long strokes which look like water. I hope the aura of the end process brings the viewer to the relaxed state I am in while painting.

Sea Glass Beach © Julia Ross

What is your process?

I believe it is important to begin with a clean slate. I begin the process of creating with mediation, extending the flow through long strokes of color over a white canvas. The peaceful state of meditation enables the relaxed energy to create the painting and bring an aura of peace to the viewer.

What mood or headspace do you need to begin painting?

Relaxed. If I try to rush the process, the end product does not look like the body of work.

How often do you paint?

I paint daily. I also curate a gallery, working with other artists to promote their artwork. and features women artists and their artwork.

How do you know when you are finished with a painting?

I feel a sense of completion in finished works. There are some pieces I walk away from and come back to over and over. However, the best pieces are completed quickly, via a higher source. There is a spiritual element to my best works.

Window to Another World © Julia Ross

What painting are you most proud of?

I believe it is interesting when a painting - or any creation - comes through within hours. The paintings which are clearly guided through peaceful extensions of the infinite source.

It is interesting that the paintings I am most proud of stay in the studio and art gallery for a while prior to a collector picking them up.

I personally enjoy the peace I gain from Swiftly Flowing, Oceans Pathway to Zen, and Window to Another World which all contain elements of layers of color and flow from meditation, created within hours.

Who/what inspires you?

I am inspired by love of infinite source, nature—the relaxed state of a soft breeze coming from water and a walk on the beach.

Earth Wind & Water © Julia Ross

How does painting connect with you emotionally?

We lost our son in 2018. He was 26. As our family moves on, art continues to assist me in healing. The process of creating connects me to a higher source, which brings love and light back to my life on this earth.

Why do you strive to create a feeling of peace in your viewer?

I hope that the artwork is healing. Rather than express myself through the pieces of art, I hope the energy of peace extends to the viewer. Bottom line, this is not MY work, it is the work of the universe.

Do you describe an overall meaning to your work?

PEACE, LOVE - A Symbol of the Infinite Source


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