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Nature’s Musings

"If the Seas Die - We Die Too"

Sterben die Meere- Sterben auch wir (85x125) Acrylic, Resin, 3D © Steffi Rodigas

Steffi Rodigas’ work in acrylic, highlights the importance of taking care of our planet. Sterben die Meere- Sterben auch wir (If the Seas Die - We Die Too) advocates for change by bringing to light what is happening in our waters. Beaches are flooded with garbage, and massive islands of trash are forming within our oceans. Water dwellers get entangled in garbage or ingest plastic thinking it is food, and then die miserably. Because of our selfish ways, we are pushing many species toward extinction. The sadness in the dolphin’s eyes is profound.

"Climate Apocalypse"

Klimaapokalypse (100x160x3) Acrylic, 3D © Steffi Rodigas

Within Klimaapokalypse (Climate Apocalypse), sparks of fiery oranges cascade into darkness, and waves of blue overtake the Earth, providing a grim premonition of what is to come if we continue down this path of excess. With a polar bear balancing on the tip of a melting iceberg, an unstoppable catastrophe begins. A young man tries to hold up the Earth on behalf of lower-class communities because, undoubtedly, they will be the first victims of this disaster. The overabundance of water floods some lands, while in other areas water is scarce. Droughts, famine, and fires devastate Earth. The proliferation of insects will destroy our crops and cause other calamities. This story of ruination is not a nightmare, but the reality of global warming.

About Steffi Rodigas

Doubtful Sound (75x105) Oil © Steffi Rodigas

Steffi Rodigas grew up in Thuringia and has settled down in Upper Franconia and Thuringia, the same place Niclas Castello is from. She has spent a large part of her life working in different professions and raising three children. However, art always held a special place in her heart. Three years ago, she decided to break all the rules and quit her job to follow her passion. Even though she has only been in the art world for a few years, her collection includes landscapes, portraits, abstracts and sculptures in a wide variety of designs and forms. Rodigas is always looking for challenges and new materials to try out. She learned her technique in acrylic and oil painting by studying online at "Old Masters Academy”. Her greatest inspiration came from her first trip to New Zealand. There she was able to capture all the spectacular landscapes with her paint on a canvas, resulting in many works that show the uniqueness of New Zealand's landscape and wildlife. Last year, these pieces were part of a large nature-inspired exhibition.

Medienwelt (120x100) Acrylic © Steffi Rodigas

Nature is her teacher, and she wants to show respect for the beauty of trees, forests, animals, and landscapes. Rodigas puts her soul into every piece of art to capture the grace of nature for posterity because everything is threatened and changing quickly. She said, "We do not understand that nature does not need us, but we need nature! The careless use of resources, the thoughtless consumption of its legacies, litter covering seas and landscapes are reprehensible. I reflect this in my art. Even if I cannot save the world, I would like to articulate my feelings and opinions on world events with my work. Important topics such as pollution of the oceans, media excess, cruise ships, dangers to animals, or climate change are my calling. I can't just watch us humans destroy the world without doing anything."

Art in Art

Wolf (75x75) © Steffi Rodigas

In addition to her representational works, she creates, "ART in ART." This idea was born from her inclination to prevent waste. Using leftover paint, she blends realism and abstract beautifully. Art in Art is a totality of individual small works with vibrant expressiveness, which inspire the imagination. When viewers take a step back, the entirety is a joy of discovery.


Steffi Rodigas with Metamorphosis © Steffi Rodigas

In addition to fine arts, music plays a major role in her life. Like painting, her guitar-accompanied singing is self-taught but full of passion. She loves to open her exhibitions with her music. Her tendency toward three-dimensional representations and her love for music often inspire new ideas. Her sculpture, "Metamorphosis" represents her constant transformations to better herself as a person and an artist.

artists24net: SteffiRodigas


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