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Open call: Artists as Environmentalists | Climate Art

Happy Tuesday art community!

This week we present you one great opportunity for artists interested in climate and environmental art.

Hurry up! We are getting closer to the deadline!

The Climate Art Collection is a non-profit art foundation that serves as a curation platform for artists who address climate and nature themes in their work.

They welcome submissions from artists worldwide and embrace all art formats. Their aim is to bring climate change and its effects to the attention of a global a audience, including galleries, curators, collectors, and the general public.

The Climate Art Collection strongly believes in the power of art as a medium to make people think about the contemporary climate crisis.

Climate change is here and it is real. We are constantly confronted with it, avoiding it is no longer possible. Extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels, forest fires, infertile soils, melting permafrost or ocean warming - there are countless other, no less dramatic examples. Let's face it, in the long run we are not only destroying our own existence, but also that of millions of other living beings.

However, the art addressing climate topics does not yet receive enough attention. Therefore, the Climate Art Collection make it its task to use art in order to spread a collective message in the world: artists as environmentalist.

The initiative aims to be inclusive towards all kinds of artists and art formats, everyone is welcome to participate.

Deadline: May 31, 2023

Dimitra Papakonstanti, Sea in a trashcan, 2021. Courtesy of Climate Art Collection



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