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Postcard from New York I July 01-05, 2024

Here is our weekly Postcard from New York, in collaboration with Clio Art Fair!

In this article, we will explore some of the highlights of this week, looking for the most interesting and inspiring exhibitions and events in NYC.

Let's discover our selection of NYC-based art events!

In Museums


31 MAY - 29 SEPT 2024

Vivian Maier: Unseen Work explores Maier’s complete oeuvre from the early 1950s to the mid-1980s through approximately 200 works: vintage and modern prints, color, black and white, and Super 8 films and soundtracks, offering a complete vision of the dense, rich and complex architecture of this archive that provides a fascinating testimony to post-war America and the hell of the American dream.


In Galleries


22 MAY - 3 JUL, 2024

Yancey Richardson is pleased to present Midnight Swim, Bryan Graf’s seventh solo show with the gallery. Midnight Swim continues Graf’s exploration into photographic materiality and experimental processes. Deliberately subverting traditional photographic representation, the images in Midnight Swim explore time, memory and experience in nature as subjects, combining past and present in a multi-faceted approach. Graf’s work conveys his experience of nature as both ecstatic and entropic, with vegetation decaying and blossoming simultaneously. 


In Brooklyn


8 FEB - 14 JUL, 2024

Barney Does It All presents the latest works by Bjarne Melgaard (b. 1967) at a pivotal point in his life, following his departure from his expansive Bushwick studio to turn over a new leaf, The Norwegian artist reflects on three tumultuous decades of his career, pondering past and current desires amidst the shadows of commercializing himself and his art— actions that both haunt and sustain his creativity.




18 MAY,2024 - 25 MAY,2025

Thé "Travelers" series is a series of figurative sculptures that artist Bruno Catalano began in 1995 and continues to work on today. It shows figures frozen in the middle of a journey whose duration, origin and destination remain unknown. In his work, people from the ordinary world take on a heroic stature. Their monumental scale pays homage to these universal experiences of travel, flight and exile. These individuals carry pieces of life and history in their luggage. Discover more


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