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Postcard from New York I June 10-14, 2024

Here is our weekly Postcard from New York, in collaboration with Clio Art Fair!

In this article, we will explore some of the highlights of this week, looking for the most interesting and inspiring exhibitions and events in NYC.

Let's discover our selection of NYC-based art events!

In Museums


May 17 - September 29, 2024

This exhibition presents a reimagination of Jenny Holzer's landmark 1989 installation at the Guggenheim. Climbing all six ramps of the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed rotunda to the building's apex, the site-specific installation transforms the building with a display of scrolling texts, featuring selections from her iconic series, such as "Truisms" and "Inflammatory Essays". Light Line highlights the incisive use of the written word across time and media in Holzer’s practice. In addition to the LED sign, the exhibition features a selection of Holzer’s works from the 1970s to the present day, including paintings, works on paper, and stone pieces. From May 16–20, the artist’s light projection For the Guggenheim illuminated the building’s façade with with a selection of poems and eyewitness accounts that speak to the necessity of peace.


In Galleries


6 June 2024 - 3 August 2024

For over three decades Daniel Rozin has been exploring the mechanisms of reflection. The artist utilizes custom software and mechanical engineering to examine a range of materials that reflect the viewer's image in real-time. For his tenth exhibition at the gallery, Contours, the artist turns his focus to the outline of the human form. Rozin’s works often invite true-to-image reflection. Exhibited works in Contours shift away from rich appearance and towards the tension of delineated borders. Modern masters such as Pablo Picasso and Keith Haring celebrated the tension between line and area, inside and out, by implementing silhouettes and abstraction. Rozin presents four new pieces that approach the minimal side of reflection through the diverse materials of lenses, straps, carbon fiber tubing, and light.  Discover more


In Brooklyn


25 May 2024 - 30 June 2024

Frederick's work captures the viewer's gaze through subjects that communicate complex emotions and unspoken exchanges. Her unique technique, characterized by energetic lines and layered compositions, reveals a delicate balance between chaos and calm. By inviting viewers to pause and reflect, Jess creates a space for contemplation and connection, embodying the remarkable gift of art.




May 11 - August 25, 2024

We are nomads, we are dreamers is a solo exhibition of newly commissioned works by Suchitra Mattai that celebrates the migratory oceanic journeys of past, present, and future diasporic communities. Inspired by the Park’s position along the East River, which flows into the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, this exhibition features a series of soft sculptures made from vintage saris collected from women of the South Asian diaspora. The exhibition’s title reflects upon transatlantic migration experiences, including Mattai’s ancestors who traveled from India to British Guiana (now Guyana) as indentured laborers in the early twentieth century, as well as the artist’s own personal migrations. Discover more


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