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Postcard from New York I June 17-21, 2024

Here is our weekly Postcard from New York, in collaboration with Clio Art Fair!

In this article, we will explore some of the highlights of this week, looking for the most interesting and inspiring exhibitions and events in NYC.

Let's discover our selection of NYC-based art events!

In Museums


MAR 15, 2024 - JUL 21, 2024

The Plural of He explores the life and work of Colin Robinson (1961–2021), the Trinidadian American poet, critic, and unsung hero of social and sexual liberation movements in New York, the Caribbean, and throughout the world. Displayed alongside archival objects, the commissioned works respond to records of Robinson’s personal history, from carnival costumes and calypso music to love letters and agitprop.


In Galleries


MAY 8- JULY 3, 2024

Gagosian is pleased to announce By the Love of Those Unloved, the gallery’s first exhibition of work by Stanley Whitney in New York. Featuring new paintings and works on paper, the exhibition is on view at 980 Madison Avenue from May 8 through June 22. A master colorist, Whitney takes an exploratory and lyrical approach to painting. Each of his canvases is structured as a loose grid of rectilinear blocks in three or four rows. Laying down one vivid color at a time, the artist establishes relationships between each area, its neighbors, and the composition as a whole, employing gestural brushwork to juxtapose hues applied with varied degrees of opacity. Between each row are linear bands that ground the composition and sometimes extend the tones of individual blocks. Inspired by jazz, Whitney defines a space within which to improvise, each painting setting a unique group of chromatic and spatial harmonies in motion. Discover more


In Brooklyn


APRIL 5-AUGUST 4, 2024

For the first time in twenty-four years, Utagawa Hiroshige’s 100 Famous Views of Edo—one of the Brooklyn Museum’s greatest treasures—returns to public display. The Museum’s complete set of these celebrated prints is among the world’s finest, full of vibrant colors preserved by decades in the dark.  Artist Takashi Murakami (born Tokyo, Japan, 1962) takes Hiroshige’s views into a more fantastical realm with a set of his own paintings. Created in direct response to 100 Famous Views of Edo, these works invite us to reconsider Hiroshige’s world and his contributions to global art history.




MAY 2023 - FALL 2024

For the third High Line Plinth commission, Rosenkranz presents Old Tree, a bright red-and-pink sculpture that animates myriad historical archetypes wherein the tree of life connects heaven and earth. The tree’s sanguine color resembles the branching systems of human organs, blood vessels, and tissue, inviting viewers to consider the indivisible connection between human and plant life. Old Tree evokes metaphors for the ancient wisdom of human evolution as well as a future in which the synthetic has become nature. On the High Line—a contemporary urban park built on a relic of industry—Old Tree raises questions about what is truly “artificial” or “natural” in our world. Made of man-made materials and standing at a height of 25 feet atop the Plinth, it provides a social space, creating shade while casting an ever-changing, luminous aura amid New York’s changing seasons. Discover more


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