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Postcard from New York I Mar 27- Apr 2, 2023

Here is our weekly Postcard from New York, in collaboration with Clio Art Fair!

The New York City art scene is one of the most vibrant and exciting in the world. From iconic and globally recognized museums to cutting-edge galleries and experimental pop-ups, there is always something happening in the city that never sleeps.

In this blog article, we will explore some of the most exciting art events happening in NYC this week, from exhibitions of stars of the international art world to thought-provoking shows of queer artists.

Whether you're a seasoned art lover or just curious about what's happening in the city's creative community, this guide will help you discover the best art events that NYC has to offer.

So grab your calendar and let's dive into the world of New York City art!

In Museums


@ thejewishmuseum


The Jewish Museum collection is a unique mix of artworks and ceremonial objects. In Scenes from the Collection, selected works are presented in thematic “scenes,” weaving together centuries of art and Judaica. The exhibition speaks of the vast range of Jewish experiences across the globe and over time, made tangible through artistic expression. It is both a mirror of Jewish identities and an inspiration for the formation of new ones.

In calling attention to the multiple facets of art and Jewish culture, the exhibition invites fresh responses from visitors and may resonate with people of many faiths and backgrounds. Themes change periodically, offering new dialogues among the works and proposing new interpretations of them.

In Galleries


@ davidzwirner

Mar 16–Apr 29, 2023

David Zwirner present an exhibition of new and recent work by Gerhard Richter. Though Richter completed his last paintings in 2017, his dynamic practice continues his artistic inquiries into the possibilities of abstraction and perception through his ongoing experimentation with drawing, printing and sculpture. As Dieter Schwarz notes, Richter’s new work “has transformed into the celebration of the visible and this celebration is driving new chapters in [his] indefatigable creativity.”

In Brooklyn


@ brooklynmuseum

Nov 11–Apr 16, 2023

Jimmy DeSana: Submission is the first museum survey of work by a significant yet overlooked figure in the histories of photography, New York City, and LGBTQ artists. The exhibition traces his brief yet prolific career through nearly two hundred works on view, some for the first time.

As part of punk aesthetics and its symbolic forms of resistance, DeSana and his peers sought to forge art communities outside of official institutions. The exhibition showcases his extensive involvement in zines, artist collectives, performance art, experimental film, and club culture.



@ gitlerand

Mar 24— ongoing

A swath of Harlem and Washington Heights has been transformed into a giant canvas for imperiled birds. The National Audubon Society and Gitler &_ Gallery have come together in this public-art initiative to call attention to the hundreds of species of birds in North American whose existence is threatened by climate change. The project is inspired by the paintings of John James Audubon and is energized by findings from the National Audubon Society that nearly half of all North American bird species face dire threats to their survival by 2080 due to climate change. The Audubon Mural Project commissions artists to paint murals of each of the threatened birds—a total of 314 species—currently concentrated in the Hamilton Heights and Washington Heights neighborhoods of Manhattan, with more murals planned around the City.


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