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Signal Hill: a City Rich in Oil and Art

Signal Hill is a city in Los Angeles County in California situated high on a hill and surrounded by the city of Long Beach. The hill where Signal Hill is was used by the local Tongva Indians to signal fires that could be seen far away. Signal Hill was also the home of the California movie studio Balboa Studios, but Signal Hill had a turnaround forever when oil was discovered. The Hill became part of the Long Beach Oil Field, one of the most productive oil fields in the world. 

Nowadays a series of parks have been created on the top of the hill, as well as numerous hiking trails with accompanying sculptures, public art, and historical markers. The views from the top are outstanding, and the art installations work very well with the history of the area. The rich collection of art installations definitely reflects the oil history.

Definitely worth walking through the Hilltop and looking  at the various art installations such as the Tribute to the Roughnecks, 2300 Skyline Drive.

This sculpture, by artist Cindy Jackson, is a bronze cast sculpture of two men, Signal Hill Petroleum chairman Jerry Barto and Shell Oil employee Bruce Kerr, installing pipe into an oil line representing the oil rich history of the city and two of its key contributors.

Another great installation is the Unity Sculpture by sculptor Patrick Vogel, which is a 12’ sculpture that sits atop a four foot pedestal within a seating courtyard  in memory of the victims of September 11.

And, of course, Hilltop park has beautiful sculptures combined to a breathtaking view from where it is possible to admire unforgettable sunsets.

If you are looking to combine one of the best views in Los Angeles and great public art, then the hilltop at Signal Hill is a must to go.

For all the pictures in this page, the Copyright is by Abigail Muller, 2020.


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