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Simple Moments: Interview Tatiana Avdjiev

Tatiana Avdjiev is a lifestyle photographer who focuses her lens on the simpler moments in life to capture their beauty for a lifetime. Born in Bulgaria and currently residing in Chicago, she concentrates on themes of connection and creative expression, showcasing the brilliance of femininity and nature. She aims to tell a story with her photos and make memories tangible because life is ever-changing.

Wanderer © Tatiana Avdjiev

How would you describe your style and what motivated your interest in photography?

My photography style is mostly lifestyle, with a dreamy and nostalgic feel and a range of moods. Initially, it was the documentary aspect until I saw photography as a form of art. I could stare for hours observing masterpieces of photography, and I wanted to create something memorable on my own.

Layers of Layers © Tatiana Avdjiev

How has your style evolved over the years?

I have always searched for the genuine and emotional side of people in their natural environment. However, it was very chaotic at first and I tried to capture everything without thinking about the composition and meaning. It has been a long road of experimenting with subjects and testing different editing techniques to fine-tune my authentic voice. Now it is softer, calmer, and more self-confident. Even with dancers and action, it is about grace and expression than movement. With landscapes, it is about how us as humans can exist in nature without being harmful. I feel like I am looking for balance in life and try to express it in my photos.

What is your favorite subject to photograph?

People. It is about their expressions, movements, poses. I am fascinated with how they fill their space. How they fit into their surroundings. How they own the moment... And whether they pose or not, whether they are aware of the camera or not. There is a spark - a magical moment they express that I want to get in my photos!

Low Tide © Tatiana Avdjiev

Your photos showcase feminine beauty and nature. How do you find the right angles to magnify a subject’s beauty?

There is a relation between them - nature is a female, a mother in many cultures because that's where life comes from. That is why I take the same approach of finding the flattering, caring, and natural side when I photograph women or nature.

Tranquility © Tatiana Avdjiev

What do you want your photos to say? How do you make sure to get your message across?

I want them to say: "Pause." I hope people can stop, take a breath, and appreciate the little moments that we frequently overlook in our fast-pacing days.

It is hard to make sure my message is successful, but a visually engaging image usually gets some attention.

Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

There is no easy answer. My favorite ones are tied to personal experiences, which is why I'm attached to them. Other than that, I am grateful for the ones that somehow became popular and brought some attention to my photography. Tears on the window was the first one that became successful and published in several magazines. It was a visual expression of my emotional state at that time, so I feel like many people could feel it and relate to its meaning.

Don’t Forget © Tatiana Avdjiev

What motivates you to continue taking photos?

Life. It is a motivation to express myself. I hope it goes on for many years.

Outside of lifestyle photography, is there any other genre you would like to experiment with?

Absolutely! I always enjoy working with other artists - dancers and singers - and dive into their art, so I would love to be more involved with performing art. I would also love to experiment with more abstract and fine art styles. A big passion of mine is fashion photography, and I secretly dream of becoming the next Peter Lindbergh or Richard Avedon.

Nice Dream © Tatiana Avdjiev

Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers, or artists in general?

Keep learning. Seek constructive criticism. Never lose hope.

Can you tell me about your wearable designs?

My photography prints have expanded beyond the photographic paper, and I started to apply them to wearable items, such as scarves and masks

Whenever it Rains © Tatiana Avdjiev

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