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The City of Chicago Has promised $2.5 Million in Grants to Artists and Art Organizations

Cloud Gate, Anish Kapoor (Millennium Park

According to the official government site of Chicago, the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, whose mission is to enrich Chicago’s artistic vitality and cultural vibrancy, has decided to support this overarching mission by creating the Cultural Grants Program.

“The City of Chicago is facing a critical moment in its history as the COVID-19 pandemic amplifies systemic racism and the history of disinvestment on the South and West sides of the city and presents an opportunity to rebuild towards equity. Recognizing that artists have always played an important role in advancing the causes of justice and equity, DCASE seeks to support artists in developing projects that engage the public in a constructive, civic dialogue that will propel our collective action, facilitate progress, and make Chicago a model city for the nation as it faces the difficult work ahead.

The goal is to play an active role in the development of Chicago’s arts and culture community by funding artists and arts organizations that have the potential to meaningfully contribute to the City’s cultural vitality.”

The new Artist Response Program was launched on Monday, January 11th, and is expected to provide up to $750,000 to art that “responds to recent health, economic and humanitarian crises.

The program’s goal is to support up to 10 public art commissions, assist local projects through local grantmakers and award $1.7 million in grants to nonprofit arts organizations throughout Chicago at the annual CityArts Program.

The Artist Response Program application closes on February 5th, while the CityArts grant application deadline is March 13th (both applications close at 5pm CST). More information is available at


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