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Two Cultures and Space

On the occasion of the second edition of the exhibition of Italian contemporary art at the Qingdao Sculpture Art Museum (in Beijing) is inaugurated the exhibition "Two Cultures and Space", curated by Qiu Yi, a Chinese artist of international fame, now stable in Italy for many years and promoted by the Association of Art and Contemporary Culture China and Italy.

The exhibition aims to promote and enhance the dialogue between Asian and European culture by proposing to exhibit in Beijing 10 Italian artists that can be admired from 10 December 2020 until 10 January 2021. The central theme of the exhibition is how the contemporary city is developing in all its parts, from the center to the suburbs.

The artists who have decided to collaborate with this initiative are Cristian Biasci, Giacomo Costa, Matteo Lucca, Luca Matti, Vincenzo Missanelli, Rudy Pulcinelli, Vincenzo Rusciano, Andreas Senoner, and Giuliana Storino, filling the Qingdao Sculpture Art Museum with installations, sculptures, and projects that connect the city with its citizens, whether Asian or European.

The first edition of the Italian Contemporary Art Exhibition, "The Way of Sculpture" took place in the same place in 2018 and also there, always promoted by the Association of Contemporary Art and Culture China and Italy, was the promoter.

Among the organizers of this event there are also the Chinese National Academy of Sculpture in Beijing together with the patronage of the City of Florence and the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

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