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What's on NYC | 5 Must-See Exhibitions

EXHIBITION: The Met Fifth Avenue

Van Gogh's Cypresses

On view now–August 27, 2023:

The Met Fifth Avenue Exhibtion entrance view. (artwork on loan to gallery)

Until the end of August, The Met will exhibit an exciting collection of 40 internationally collected works of Van Gogh. Van Gogh’s Cypresses is the first exhibition to focus on his trees alongside the artist's personal and illustrated letters that provide insight into his work. The viewer can enjoy a rare viewing of significant archives that shine a light on the thematic exhibition. His sketches and personal writing will share stories of their invention and allow the viewer to get inside the mind of the accomplished Dutch artist.

EXHIBITION: Guggenheim

Sarah Sze: Timelapse

On view now–September 10, 2023:

Sarah Sza, Timelapse, Courtesy of Guggenheim

In this solo exhibition, Sze has created a series of installations that weave through the Frank Lloyd Wright building in the Guggenheim. The exhibtion works its way beyond the walls of the museum as it makes its way outside for public viewing. This installation comes alive through a variety of mediums from painting, sculpture, sound, print, and drawing to video, as it works its way through the sweeping white halls of the building's iconic architecture.

EXHIBITION: Galeria Nara Roesler

co/respondences: brazil and abroad

On view now–August 29, 2023

Cristina Canale, Teach (Fessora) (2023). Mixed media on canvas. 110 x 100 cm.

Courtesy Galeria Nara Roesler.

Galeria Nara Roesler has curated a selection of significant international artists to develop a dialogue about the global influence art has on a community. In their New York gallery space, they have a collection of works juxtaposed to stress the reach and unlimited boundaries of art.

EXHIBITION: Whitney Museum of American Art

Ilana Savdie: Radical Contractions

On view now–Nov 5, 2023

Ilana Savdie: Radical Contractions is provided by the John R. Eckel, Jr. Foundation.

Courtesy of Whitney Museum of American Art

In this exhibition, Ilana Savdie has on display some of her latest work which include paintings and drawings. Her work covers a range of subjects such as the environment, and Carnival celebrations. Within her work, Savdie plays with textures and mark-making on large-scale canvases. Her fascination with color can be viewed in her thick and blurred brushstrokes as she invites the viewer into her dreamlike world.

EXHIBITION: Miles McEnery Gallery


On view now-Aug 31, 2023

Until the end of August, Miles McEnery Gallery is exhibiting a collection of fifteen paintings by Elise Ansel. Accompanying this exhibition is the essays of Patricia Akhimie and an illustrated publication by Ansel. Inspired by the Old Masters the artist has created her own visual language using gestural brushes of paint that breathes modern life into her reinterpretations.

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